Episode 11 : The Big Picture of Yoga

Episode 11 : The Big Picture of Yoga

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How is a handstand getting you closer to samadhi, or the yogi’s version of enlightenment?

In this podcast, I will walk you through a journey through the 8 stages that make up the entire spiritual system of yoga. I believe the 8 steps of yoga are a system not only for manifesting simple things in life, like material desires or particular feelings but we can use it to manifest big things too – like soul liberation.

In this podcast, you will learn how yoga works in its entirety. Moreso, you learn how to integrate all of the various practices the ancient yogis gave us into your everyday life.  You don’t need a yoga mat for this, just an open heart and mind.   Thanks for tuning in.

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Show Notes:

When you understand the big picture of yoga, suddenly every single thing you do starts to have more purpose. In this episode I will walk you through the 8 stages of yoga, from the physical body all the way to soul liberation, samadhi.

The first practice the yogis gave us was asana.  By moving and manipulating the body in certain ways we learn to create comfort and steadiness in the body.  Patanjali, who pretty much wrote the book on yoga, says that there is only one purpose of asana, and that is to make us comfortable and steady.

When we learn to do this in the physical, we can learn to do this in the subconscious as well.  The yogis explained this spiritual science by explaining: (1) the rules (2) the virtues (3) physical body postures (4) breathing – pranayam (5) feeling into the body without the senses – pratyahara (6) overcoming obstacles (7) Believing and trusting and (8) soul liberation, samadhi.

I promise you, by listening to this podcast you will see yoga in a more accessible and realistic way.  if you loved this podcast or want to learn this spiritual system in-depth, check out my monthly meditation collection and my Soul Sessions Group program.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

2:20 – Explaining Asana 

4:30 – Yamas and Niyamas (steps 1 and 2) – the rules and virtues of yoga

9:00 – Asana – the beginners yoga.

9:15 – Pranayama – breathing consciously.

10:00Pratyahara – stopping and feeling energies.

12:30 – Intuition, Yoga & Soul Guidance.

14:00 – Dharana – A concentrated state of meditation to see our subconscious belief systems and learning to overcome limiting beliefs and deep struggle which are easy to see when we are clear on what our dreams are. This is where our shadows live.

15:50 – Using Affirmation and Gratitude – working through the darkness.

17:53 – Dhyana – The spiritual element of Yoga. Believe in the universe and trust yourself.  this is where practices of mantras, deities, prayers, temple visits, and miracles come into the practice.

20:00 – Samadhi – The two types of samadhi, enlightenment, and manifestation. manifesting little things and big things.

21:20 – And the cycle continues…. from dream to manifestation, and again.  In the beginning, you may want to manifest money or productivity, and that is ok because soon you will learn that your worth doesn’t live in those things.  Your worth lives in your spiritual growth.

22:00 – We are souls having a spiritual experience.  And when we use this system of yoga to organize our spiritual growth, we start to see big results.

23:00 – Creating Your Yoga Rituals.  Using astrology to help you create your rituals also.

24:30 – my current dreams = creating these rituals for you. monthly meditation collection.


People / Resources Mentioned:

  • Florence Sinn:  “Prayer is telephoning to god, intuition is God telephoning to You”

  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

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