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surf guide east sri lanka arugam bay stay and eat

A Surf Guide to Eastern Sri Lanka.

Eastern Sri Lanka is nothing like the southern coast. It might as well be it's own country. Wild elephants roam freely and the point breaks are out of this world. This guide shares a few of our favorite places on our last trip east....

Travel Guide to Southern Sri Lanka

Stay, Surf and Eat in South Sri Lanka

I love Sri Lanka.  It is no secret.  This trip to Sri Lanka I decided to check out a few "new" spots. I wanted to switch it up. And it was mind-blowingly good. Find out what I did, where I stayed and what I ate ...

The truth to wanderlust.

The Truth of Wanderlust

My name is Kori Hahn and I am a travel addict. I have been to over 50 countries in the past 10 years and I dream of traveling to 50 more. There are things you should know about this life on the road if you dream of living...

yoga for intuition

Using Yoga To Develop Your Intuition

  Cultivating Intuition with Yoga :  The theory Meditation is the first and foremost effective method for honing on your intuition.  By creating spaces between your thoughts, two things are sure to happen.  First, we learn to relax.  Relaxation is a natural byproduct of meditation and a calm, focused mind.  Second, from the space...

yoga retreat on manifestation intuition and happiness surf and soul kori hahn santosha society

6 steps for manifesting your dreams

Dreams are messages from your soul. Learning to understand and act on your intuition is how you can take your dreams and make them your reality. The yogis gave us a beautiful method for doing just this. I call it, intuitive yoga. ...

The Magical Year

After the amazing (and I mean absolutely magical) trips to Sri Lanka and Morocco last March, I gave myself a ’break’ from organizing or running retreats so I could single-pointedly focus on one thing … creating. And create, I have! ...

Karma Offerings 2019

For every Santosha Society surf and yoga retreat, we will donate one high-quality modular prosthetic limb kit for a child with a limb disability living in the developing work. ...