The Yogic Apothecary

Are you ready to heal the anxiety, stress, and overwhelm of your mind?  Would you like to stop wildly reacting to strong emotions and simply observe them compassionately instead?  Would you like to feel calm and peaceful more? Would you like to love yourself, like deeply truly love yourself with the confidence to go get whatever it is you truly want?
Heal your inner trauma and wounds, learn to self-regulate your emotions, and connect with your deepest wants and needs – so you can feel more fulfilled and content.  Breath by breath, in these meditation programs, you will be guided back home into the heart of yourself – to learn to love yourself fully and create the life you want and dream of.
These programs offer a holistic approach to healing the mental “fluctuations” of the mind- Anxiety, depression, burnout, happiness, finding purpose and meaning. You will learn to write your own yogic prescription to heal your own natural suffering and create a happier, healthier you! All programs are grounded in Patanjali’s yoga system, and it works (and has worked for thousands of yogi-living years)!

FREE 7 Day Meditation Course

Get Calm and Clear.

In the next 7 days create space in your mind, and calm the nervous and anxious tendencies subconsciously running the show.

The Soul Ritual’s Course

Deeply calm your mind to connect with your deepest wants and needs – your soul’s purpose.
 Get clear, tune in, make a plan and take action. The Soul Worker’s Program guides you through the 8 steps of yoga to show you how to holistically deal with your mental and emotional pain, minimizing and healing it.
At first, you will cleanse your busy mind and relax your nervous system.  Then, over the second month, you will create your own prescription for manifesting what you want and need for yourself. Along this journey, we will dive into the subjects of intuition, dream-chasing, yogic superpowers, and all things samadhi over our 8 weeks together. If you want a big change in your happiness levels, this program supports you.
(w/ 1:1 guidance option)

Get Clear, Tune In, Make A Plan, & Manifest.

Are you ready to dive deep into yourself to create a life with more ease, flow and spiritual purpose? This program is designed to create big transformation by taking you through each of the 8 stages of yoga.

The Intuitive Mind Retreat

Let go of your mental distractions and get clear on what your soul has to say.
Your mental calming cleanse is here!  Reset your mind and body in your own house, on your own time. Perfect for the overworked or those needing help making a decision.

Relax & Tap Within.

Get out of your busy mind and into the relaxed flow state of mindfulness, abundance, and manifestation.

Doodles on the Happiness Trail

A 10-day Intuitive Journaling Course for Creativity/Dream Inspiration
Writer’s block?  Inspiration drought?  Need a little ping of intuitive excitement and passion?  This journaling prompts will help to get those creative juices flowing and more clarity on what your dreams actually are!
For those who love to write, create, manifest, live passionately, this little 10-day challenge is perfect for you. Learn to listen to your intuition with these simple daily exercises.

Creating as a healing process.

There is nothing more beautiful than an evening, just you with a cup of tea and a fresh page in my tattered and beloved journal to let your heart just spill. I am always happier, when I know that I am spending my life chasing my dreams. Try for yourself.

10 styles in 10 days

Challenge yourself to completel these 10 different meditation styles over the next ten days.
$1 a meditation ($10 commitment)

Challenge Yourself to A Different Mind

Challenge yourself to complete 10 different flavors of meditations over 10 days.

5 Layers Manifestation Meditation

A 30 min meditation showing you the layers of meditation within the body.  For the spiritually devote.  It’s Free!

Meditate to Create Your Life.

A Free 35 minute guided journey through the 5 yogic stages of manifestation. Create space and let your dreams talk to you.

coming soon

The Calm Mind Ritual

This is my yogic prescription for those who suffer from an anxious mind.  By using these practices every day, you will calm your mind, minimizing anxious tendencies to overwhelm or panic.


Meditation Heals Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm.

Be calm. Be peaceful. Let these yogic practices show you how.

The Cosmic Yoga Nidra Collection

A collection of 12 zodiac Yoga Nidra meditations to relax you, heal you, and guide you connect to the cosmic within you.


Feel Your Sacredness By Studying the Stars.

You will start to see yourself as sacred when you realize you truly are made of stardust. Let these yogic practices show you how.