Are You Ready To Manifest & Grow?

These soul expanding programs are designed to guide you to manifest your dreams as a spiritual path (which is fully explained in the yogis tradition) to help guide you back home into the heart of yourself.
These offerings have been hand-curated to guide you towards your dreams and show you how to catch those dreams too.    From A to Z, I walk you through different rituals of yoga as an exploration into yourself.  In these free meditations, you learn how to use yoga to manifest.  


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A Free 7 Day Meditation Experience.

This 7 day guided meditation program is poetically crafted to guide you to feel calm and clear. This is a great introduction to my philosophies and teaching practices.

The 5 Stages Of Manifestation

A Free 35 minute guided journey through the 5 yogic stages of manifestation. Create space and let your dreams talk to you.

Doodles On The Happiness Trail.

This 10-day journaling course is delivered to your inbox each day with prompts for connecting you to your heart and soul.

The Life-Changer

Santosha’s Signature Offering
The Soul Sessions Group Program guides you through an 8 step process to get clear, tune in, make a plan and take action.  Your soul is begging you to live a big bold, meaningful life. This program is designed to bring you closer to that place one breath at a time.
The Soul Sessions, our signature offering, teaches you many different yogic techniques to manifest (the yogi’s way) as a spiritual path. This  8 week guided journey dives into the subjects of intuition, dream-chasing, and all things samadhi. The next Soul Sessions program will begin again June 21.

The Soul Sessions

This 8 Week Program is our deep dive intensive to create a life with more heart and spiritual purpose. This program is designed to create big transformations and help you confidently find your spiritual path.

The Next Soul Sessions Program begins June 21

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The Intuitive Mind

A Home Retreat with Kori Hahn.
Calm your mind, connect to your inner peace so you can reset your mind and body. In this online program, you will learn a collection of yoga rituals to help you feel relaxed and intuitively tuned in. It all happens in your own house, on your own time. Perfect for the overworked.

Join the Home Retreat with Kori Hahn

Get out of your busy mind and into a state of mindfulness, abundance, and manifestation.