Workshops + Courses

Are you ready to calm the anxiety, stress, and overwhelm of your mind- so you can feel peaceful?  Would you love to heal your inner trauma and wounds, learn to self-regulate your emotions- so you dont react to every little trigger?  How nice does it sound to actually connect with your deepest wants and needs – so you can feel more fulfilled, content and purpose-driven.  And do it all compassionately, with love!
Learn to write your own holistic prescription to create the peaceful, soul-connected life you dream for yourself!  These programs were created to help you!

Are you ready to explore yourself like never before?

Hold your nose, these programs take you deep.

The Complete Self-Healer’s Membership

In this year-long Astrology-guided Yoga and Ayurveda program, you will learn how to observe yourself with Yoga, heal yourself with Ayurveda, and love yourself with Astrology.  This program teaches you everything you need to know about holistic self-healing so you can empower your life to feel more peaceful, healthy and whole.

Heal yourself completely.

Observe all the layers of your humanness, heal what hurts, and love the nuances you once hated. Change your entire life.

Learn Yoga | The ‘Rituals of the Soul’ Way

In this 8 week meditation program you are guided how to calm your mind and connect with your soul’s purpose.  Based in the 8 principles of yoga, each week, you will learn the yogic path to spiritual enlightenment through a plethora of meditative techniques.

Get Clear, Tune In, Make A Plan, & Manifest.

Learn each of the 8 stages of yoga and how to integrate them into your life with more ease and flow.

Try this free meditation program!

Learn to meditate with this “float to freedom” meditation experience. It’s FREE, start here.

Get Calm and Clear.

The Intuitive Mind Weekend Retreat

 Kick your feet up and enjoy this relaxing weekend retreat from the comforts of your own bedroom.

The Intuitive Mind At Home Retreat

Rest and relax you mind so the soul can do the talking

Journal Your Dreams Workshop

Doodles on the Happiness Trail is a simple 10-day Intuitive Journaling Course for Creativity/Dream Inspiration

Creating as a healing process.

Grab a cup of tea and come journal with me.

Relax with this Astrology Yoga Nidra Collection

Learn each sign in the zodiac, feel the subtle energies of the cosmos, by relaxing and observing yourself.

Feel Your Sacredness By Studying the Stars.

You will start to see yourself as sacred when you realize you truly are made of stardust. Let these yogic practices show you how.