You can live a life full of manifested dreams. I am here to guide you to do just that.

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Santosha Society offers you to two ways to learn how to use yoga to tap into your intuition so you can manifest your dreams ...

Online Offerings

Our at-home online retreats and courses are a convenient way to learn and grow while lounging around your home with a matcha.  The techniques taught in our online courses are scientifically proven to develop more peace, satisfaction and happiness into your daily life. The best part of the “online” offerings are they are affordable and waiting for you to start right now. Why wait to live your dreams when you can start now?

World Wanderings

Join one of our truly one of a kind soul exploration adventures. Located in inspiring exotic surf destinations around the world, our soulful travel adventures are hand-curated to nourish, heal, and grow.  They offer immense inspiration, satisfaction and a new perspective on how you are living your life. If you are ready to live the life you dream, come discover the world while discovering your soul.

Our Surf & Yoga Destinations

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Sri Lanka

Dream Chasers

Surf & Yoga Retreat


Magic Maker

Surf & Yoga Retreat


Spirit Explorer

Surf & Yoga Retreat
Kori Hahn - surf


Castaway Island

Surf & Yoga Retreat
Surf and yoga single fin


Woman, Wine & Waves

Surf & Yoga Retreat


Manifestation Manifesto

Surf & Yoga Retreat

Hi, I'm Kori

Founder of Santosha Society,

Intuitive Yoga & Meditation teacher,

Sunset & Surf Lover

Online Courses To Empower Your Soul

My online offerings and at-home retreats are designed for self-growth, relaxation, nourishment and inspirational living, but ultimately these courses are supporting your soul on its spiritual evolution. Your intuition speaks to you in wild dreams and 'crazy ideas.' Learning hear and act on these sparks of inspiration is the path of soul growth and the art of happiness. There really is no time like the present, so lets get started manifesting your dreams with these courses today.

The Soul Sessions

6 Week Group Program for Living More From The Heart.

The Soul Sessions Enrollment Is Currently Closed.
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Lets Doodle On The Happiness Trail

A Free 10 Day Intuitive Journaling Course

Try My Free 10 Day Meditation Challenge

I challenge you to commit to 10 consecutive days of meditation to open your mind.

Join My Intuitive Meditation Course

A fully guided online course to take you to the next level of mindfulness and manifestation.

Try My Free 30(ish) Minute Manifestation Meditation

A Guided Journey Through The 5 Yogic Stages Of Manifesting Your Dreams

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Words From Our Guests

Bille Woods

This was hands down one of the most amazing experiences, we were such a diverse group, some yogi’s, some surfers, some neither yogi’s or surfers, some there to shop and some to relax and get daily massages. Kori is such a vibrant soul, and has an amazing talent of bringing strangers together by creating a atmosphere which was so warm and welcoming in which all of us made strong bonds, which have lasted a lot longer than the week we shared together. The villa in Sri Lanka is out of this world beautiful, with a perfect left & right hand break right out front, the yoga & meditation and knowledge/insights that Kori shared left me feeling empowered and inspired to continue these practices in my own way back home ....oh and did I mention the food..bliss! I cannot wait to go back there!

Billie Woods

santosha society surf trip morocco

I really enjoyed this trip. It helped me to relax a little more into myself and reminded me of who and what I need to surround myself with in order to feel my best. I made amazing new friends and journeyed more into yoga. I honestly gained a lots this week with the yoga practices… deeper awareness of my breath, new poses, greater flexibility, etc. This week restored my lost love for yoga and I couldn’t be happier about it. I love that you catered each class to how we were feeling each day… really makes a difference. The food was amazing amazing amazing. The villa was above and beyond. The highlights are so many where to start? .... I feel so happy and incredibly lucky to have come across you and Santosha Society. You are doing great, great things. Please keep it up.

Madison Buteyn

While in Sri Lanka I gained new friends, a taste of Sri Lanka and appreciation for lady slide takeovers. I loved the outdoor shower and spacious room. The mosquito nets were a white girls’s best friend and the cool beautiful rooms provided for a great nights sleep. I have felt so well-rested here. I loved the healthy and vegetarian food options at all meals. There was something for everyone with lots of local flare. Such good fruit, curries and soups. My only problem was that the surf was too fun to practice and learn from you talented ladies about yoga. Some highlights of the retreat are the curry buffet in Weligama, the waves right out front, the great food and the feeling of being free yet cared for if we needed anything. I rose and fell each night to the gentle sounds of the sea. Each day felt like sailing smooth, refreshing and with new discoveries on the horizon. I can’t wait to attend more of your retreats.

Anna Ehrgott

The retreat was amazing. I absolutely loved my time there. From the moment we all first arrived you emanated this warm, joyful energy and created an environment that made it so easy and wonderful to bond with everyone and be ourselves and live every moment there to the fullest. The location was absolutely breathtaking but it was you and your vision and guidance that made it all come together in such a beautiful way. Thank you so very much. I feel so lucky and grateful to have found you and been able to experience that week. It’s something I can and have taken with me in the days since. Just this morning I was walking on the beach where I live, and it’s so foggy that I couldn’t even see the waves, and I was thinking about inhaling love and exhaling kindness. For a moment I found myself brought back to the yoga chalet at Stella Villas and the energy and calmness surrounding me during the meditations that you led. I am continuing to try to create space for myself and in my life so that I can listen more to my instincts and intuition. Some days it’s definitely easier than others but it’s much more difficult to do here at home than it was in Sri Lanka. I am so excited going into 2018, for the possibilities and the adventures and knowing that there are these amazing women out there who have different dreams and insecurities and strengths but who all share a willingness to put themselves out there and go for it.


Santosha In Motion

“Travel is more than just seeing or getting to a destination.

It is a grand worldly adventure that will inspire
your greatest you”

Life is simple, do what you love & live your dreams.

I hope to see you soon.
– Kori Hahn

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