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In this 12 month membership program, you will learn to see all the layers of your humanness – physically, mentally, emotionally, unconsciously, cosmically, and intuitively. Get to know yourself – alone, sober and naked – and truly love and honor this version of you – your honest authentic beautiful soul.  You will learn how Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Astrology (amongst so much more) play a huge part in who, what and how you are.
Monthly Self-Healer's Program

Try this free ``Floating to Freedom`` 7-day Meditation Experience.

We will unveil and liberate with short daily 10-20 min. meditations.
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Rituals of the Soul

Using the 8 Ancient Principles of Yoga to Create a Modern & Meaningful Life

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  • Creating Spaciousness In a Chaotic World” Video Lesson
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Learn Yoga | The 'Rituals of the Soul' Way

For the next 8 weeks in this in-depth, guided healing experience you will meditate to calm your mind. Yoga Nidra to heal your nervous system. Progressively Relax to connect with the essence of you. Journal to know your truth/ your dreams/ the way of love.  Pray to manifest your soul dreams.
Start today. Begin now.
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Conversations On Soul Growth
& Dream Manifesting

A blog for dream chasers and spiritual-seekers.

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