The Sacred India Trip

A trip to inspire your entire life.

A yoga retreat in India’s most spiritual city.

October 17 - 23, 2023
(Navaratri Festival)

March 2 -8, 2024
(Shivaratri Festival)

From the chaotic bustling streets of the city to the peaceful cool marble floor of an ancient riverside temple, Varansi has it all. Arguably, the holiest city of India, many pilrgimmage for thousands of miles only to wash their face in her river and see the deities in her temples. It is also an artists haven - home to Ravi Shankar, Kabir, and Tulsidas - just to name a few. And dont get my started on the tastiness of the local food, oh my god, the food! All travelers fall in love with Varanasi's undeniable riverside romance, especially the spiritual ones. You truly must see for yourself.

The Destination

Varanasi, India. Where spiritual philosophers and sacred rishis throughout time have come to deepen their understanding of God and the Soul Self.  For the past twenty years, I have dedicated all of my free time to seeing the world and studying the soul, and I can tell you, nowhere fills my cup like India, the motherland of spirituality.

Spending six days praying and meditating in the energy of India’s holiest city, Varanasi will activate your understanding of your sacred self in ways no book can ever explain. Both of the upcoming trips will be held during a vibrant, energetic time in the city – during a spiritual festival.

In October, We will be gathering here during the colorful and joyful festival of the goddesses, Navarartri.  In March, we will be gathering during Shivaratri, the festival celebrating light overcoming darkness, and the Drupad Mela Music Festival.

The Yoga

As a dedicated yogi, when I come to India I take a moment to tap into myself in just the ways I need – calm the mind, stretch the body, open my heart, and listen to my soul.

I honor me. I pray to the goddess growing within me, giving myself a hefty dose of deeply nurturing self-love. Visualizing what needs to happen to fall even more in love with my life – or just dose it up on passion and inspiration.

You will learn exactly how to the embody the god/goddess you most wish to be. I am here to guide you through our time together – all of it.  Our week together will focus on explaining yogic techniques for developing greater self-awareness and focusing on the rituals of self-love, belief, and trust to compassionately love what we see for ourselves.  This week’s intention is to connect with ourselves to give ourselves a soul revival using the spiritual practices of yoga and hindu ritual.

This Sacred India Trip has been thoughtfully curated to share a program of devotional yoga by Rituals of the Soul author, 20-year experienced yoga teacher, and trip organizer Kori Hahn.

My sitar teacher and teacher of the hindu goddesses, Nandita Acharya will be our special guest for the October 18-23, 2023 trip which takes place during the goddess festival of Navaratri.  She will not only be playing her incredible sitar sounds for us on romantic river boat trips, but she will guide us to understand the goddesses in a more personal and profound way.  We are so lucky to have her along.

The Spiritual Aspect

So you want to connect with your soul?  This area of India is the most spiritually rich epicenter of temples, gurus, holy cows, and enlightened beings, and where nearly every Indian dreams to be cremated when they die.  The place has a vibe, a revitalizing energy that rekindles the love you have for yourself – your greatest you.

We will visit temples, meditate to sitar music, learn how to pray as a means of asking for what you want, and drift along the jaw-dropping scenery on peaceful boat rides.  You will have plenty of time to wander on your own as well or with a newfound friend.  There are secrets and wonders on every street corner – wandering is one of my favorite things to do here.  Somehow when we wander around lost, we always seem to find ourselves the most.

This trip will explore a vast collection of soul-connecting rituals and personal practices to guide you back into the sacred you.  It’s important to step away from everyday life and simply focus on the space of your soul.  This trip is likely to be the most eye-popping, soul-shakingly magical experience of your human life, so far.  At least it continues to be for me.

What’s Included:

  • 6 nights of modern riverside accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner included
  • Airport Pick up and Drop off.
  • A fully immersive yoga and meditation program guided by Kori Hahn
  • with private music concerts, temple visits, and plenty of surprises.

Our guesthouse is our respite from the chaos and a sanctuary for the soulful, and our personal place to gather.  It’s cute, sweet, and simple – just like we like it.  Rooms are modern, clean, and comfortable.

The location is the perfect place to wake up and immediately walk to the river to stare over the hazy Indian sunrise in the morning to meditate, sing, stretch, and wake up to a new day.  We will have many yoga, meditation, and spirituality sessions together as well as we are located just a short 5-minute walk to community yoga and music each morning on the river.

Varanasi’s temples are … alive!  You will see the world’s most devoted spiritual seekers all gathering together to inspire, excite and glorify the experience of life.  We will visit a few together. I can’t wait for the Astro Nidra Session in Annandamaya Ma’s Ashram.  It’s so peaceful, and beautiful. I can’t wait to show it to you!

During our time together we will dive into the rituals and practices of the female deities and learn to deeply honor ourselves in the same bold ways.  This trip will be about empowering, getting bold, and falling in love with your life exactly as you wish it to be.  Ok, queen?

This week will also be a celebration of classical music unlike any other.  You will learn to feel deeply through the vibrations of music – diving into the practice during our two musical boat rides, the most magical moments of my life.



Getting to Varanasi:

The nearest airport is Lalbahadur Shashtri Airport (20 min from the hotel).  There are many cheap convenient flights from all major Indian cities.
The nearest convenient railway station is Cantt Railway Station. (15 min)
Book before September 1
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The Package

Riverfront Private Suite

$2350 p/p


Shared Riverfront Suite

$1550 p/p


Private Room

$1750 p/p


Shared Room

$1350 p/p


6 nights modern accommodation on the Ganga River

All Breakfast and Dinners Included.

2 Hindustani Boat Concerts and Meditation Sessions

A Week long Yoga, Meditation, & Spirituality Program with Kori Hahn

a personalized guide to exploring the city

A travel vlog on why India means so much to me…

Kori and Kona's Spiritual Trip to India

Love From Our Guests

My love affair with Santosha Society began back when I had just returned home to Australia from a 5yr stint in London. I used to spend hours flicking through posts, photos, blogs, anything and everything that I could get my hands on. I was mesmerised, inspired, taken to another place and time. I followed the adventures avidly on social media, dreaming of the day that I too would be able to taste that sweet flavour of island life… Fast forward 18 months later and life had taken an unexpected turn. I found myself lost, broken, dejected. I knew something had to give, so I took the plunge and booked myself into one of the upcoming Sri Lankan trips, hoping to gain the strength to change, to rejuvenate, to come back to life. I had always loved to travel, I had been known for being the girl who chased an endless summer. But this time, I needed it to change my life. And life changing it was. I was lucky enough to meet the most incredible of souls in the land of smiles. I was inspired, encouraged, accepted and loved by a group of fellow travellers whom I may never have met otherwise. I laughed harder than I had in months. I was humbled by other stories of loss, grief. I learned that no matter what, the sun always comes out again. Always. If you have lost your way along the way, or if you simply want to recharge those little worn batteries, this is it. From the warm rays of the sun on your skin, to the salty water in your hair, the endless blue of the ocean, the unimaginable number of palm trees. Tuk tuks, coconuts, surf boards, yoga mats. The people, the food. The magic. This place will put the magic back into you. I guarantee it. Kori, you always were, and have been since I met you, nothing short of amazing. From my heart to yours, I truly thank you for providing a channel for us mere mortals to come together, to connect, to learn, to grow, to evolve, but most importantly to laugh wholeheartedly and learn to love deeply. Again

Carolina Diaz

Bille Woods

This was hands down one of the most amazing experiences, we were such a diverse group, some yogi’s, some surfers, some neither yogi’s or surfers, some there to shop and some to relax and get daily massages. Kori is such a vibrant soul, and has an amazing talent of bringing strangers together by creating a atmosphere which was so warm and welcoming in which all of us made strong bonds, which have lasted a lot longer than the week we shared together. The villa in Sri Lanka is out of this world beautiful, with a perfect left & right hand break right out front, the yoga & meditation and knowledge/insights that Kori shared left me feeling empowered and inspired to continue these practices in my own way back home ....oh and did I mention the food..bliss! I cannot wait to go back there!

Billie Woods

“12 women, different backgrounds, different countries and ages. 2 villas and one common ground. Blissful, magical time. Everything was magic, the setup, the company, the service and the kindness. Just left me speechless. Seriously I kept thinking how did I get so lucky? One of the best vacations ever."


“Contentment. It is a befitting name to my past days here. The amount of wamth and shared experience were incomperable. My favorite part of the day was dinner. This was a special place where we shared stories and learned a little more about one another. It was always hard to leave at the end of the night. Thank you for creating this space. i hope to come again. “


sri lanka surf and yoga santosha society

The venue was breathtaking. The food was mind glowingly delicious. The staff extremely helpful and friendly. The It was great to experience different styles of yoga. Kori you are extremely considerate of personal needs and goals. The classes were so laid back with no pressure. It was absolutely ridiculously amazing. We came to Sri lanka as a part of Santosha Society to relax, unwind and spend time together and that exactly what we did. P.s. Sri Lanka “This is the island to visit in a lifetime” Marco Polo.

Tracey and Mikaeli Barker

Philly J Lewis

The most beautiful location to surf and do yoga. Kori has been so heart warming, open and loving host. It has been a pleasure to experience with everyone here and relax. Love and Light.

Phily Lewis

I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful experience. I have learnt and loved so much and feel it has really helped me at my stage of life. You are such a beautiful spirit.


Yoga retreat Sri Lanka Ashtanga Yin Meditation

“Body and mind escape! It was a wonderful week, full on new friends charged with smiles, joyful waves search and rides, delicious food and serenity moments. It was a dream! It was all set perfect! a dreamy escape on the perfect scenario with wonderful people. Wish it lasted longer! I found moments of peace and serenity everywhere, specially looking at those coconut trees skies from the shala. The tuck tuck pace was the best to capture smiles, smells and spots to stop. I enjoyed the temples, the ayurvedic shop and Horseshoe Bay. Definitely I am coming back to explore further places! Take me back! Waking up to the sounds of the waves and the silhouettes of palm trees was a dream. Sharing fun times delicious meals with a bunch of beautiful girls was inspiring. Searching for waves on a tuk-tuk was twice the fun. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Kori for creating the perfect retreat”

Carla Camarero

Yoga and meditation retreat Sri lanka

Beautiful Experience. Trip I will never forget. Most beautiful beaches. Kind sweet Locals. Whole experience very well done. Yoga was great new experience for Jason. The yin yoga was so chill. The room was beautiful and clean. Breakfast and dinner were awesome, lots of fresh fruit for breakfast which was a super bonus and dinner was always new and tasty.

Kasha Palmer and Jason Scheben

This week I had my first surfing experience, loved the yoga and learned new things. I was inspired by the others. The accommodation is really nice. I liked the different styles and teachers. And I like to see and feel when somebody is totally in love with what they are doing. My favorite cultural experience was visiting the temple and walking around the area. It was a pleasure having the time here. Thank you for all attention and everything.


While in Sri Lanka I gained new friends, a taste of Sri Lanka and appreciation for lady slide takeovers. I loved the outdoor shower and spacious room. The mosquito nets were a white girls’s best friend and the cool beautiful rooms provided for a great nights sleep. I have felt so well-rested here. I loved the healthy and vegetarian food options at all meals. There was something for everyone with lots of local flare. Such good fruit, curries and soups. My only problem was that the surf was too fun to practice and learn from you talented ladies about yoga. Some highlights of the retreat are the curry buffet in Weligama, the waves right out front, the great food and the feeling of being free yet cared for if we needed anything. I rose and fell each night to the gentle sounds of the sea. Each day felt like sailing smooth, refreshing and with new discoveries on the horizon. I can’t wait to attend more of your retreats.

Anna Ehrgott

My first yoga retreat and a wonderful experience. I learned so much from the experienced yoga teachers and enjoyed the familiar atmosphere in the group of beginners and advanced yoga people. The stunning scenery of our accommodation made it even more special and a real escape of our daily lives. I got inspired so much from the amazing people around. The double room was luxurious and wonderful. Very comfortable beds and good air conditioning. The food was great. I love that it was all local and cooked by locals. With fresh ingredients and a clean kitchen in combination with the expertise of the chef. I had no expectations when coming to the retreat, but I am definitely leaving with a heartful of energy, inspiration, and love for all the people I met here. I am really thankful for the organizer, Kori to bring us all together as such an amazing place.

Vilia Zeisig

Kori Hahn - intuitive Yoga meditation teacher bali

"This retreat has completely exceeded my expectations. At first I was more interested in the surfing and adventure part of the trip. With such an amazing destination and multiple possibilities it was nice to have Kori offer her expert advice on local attractions and make everything run smoothly and stress free. The villa is absoultely amazing, the staff is incredibly friendly and they put their heart and soul into making sure that you are having a great time. The food is absolutely amazing and delicious, high quality using fresh local ingredients and to top it all healthy. The waves did not disappoint and it was nice to have Kori recommend the best spots and even go surfing with us. Also, we had two amazing photographers with us that made sure the nice memories lasted a lifetime with amazing photos. And to my surprise, the yoga is absolutely amazing...I thought I was not going to be into the yoga, but I definitely was...Kori is an amazing instructor and she allows you to move at your own pace. But above all is the people you meet that make a trip and I was very lucky to be a part of an amazing group of adventurous ladies from all over to world with whom I hope to keep in touch. Definitely a unique amazing experience. If you are looking for adventure, surf, yoga or even some relaxation, this is definitely the trip for you...Hope I get to do it a second time for sure! "

Nadia vera santos

The retreat was amazing. I absolutely loved my time there. From the moment we all first arrived you emanated this warm, joyful energy and created an environment that made it so easy and wonderful to bond with everyone and be ourselves and live every moment there to the fullest. The location was absolutely breathtaking but it was you and your vision and guidance that made it all come together in such a beautiful way. Thank you so very much. I feel so lucky and grateful to have found you and been able to experience that week. It’s something I can and have taken with me in the days since. Just this morning I was walking on the beach where I live, and it’s so foggy that I couldn’t even see the waves, and I was thinking about inhaling love and exhaling kindness. For a moment I found myself brought back to the yoga chalet at Stella Villas and the energy and calmness surrounding me during the meditations that you led. I am continuing to try to create space for myself and in my life so that I can listen more to my instincts and intuition. Some days it’s definitely easier than others but it’s much more difficult to do here at home than it was in Sri Lanka. I am so excited going into 2018, for the possibilities and the adventures and knowing that there are these amazing women out there who have different dreams and insecurities and strengths but who all share a willingness to put themselves out there and go for it.


If you want to join this gorgeous moment in time,

If you have any questions, Message me.

Spots are super limited (It will be intimate!)

Email:  Kori@santoshasociety.com