Hi Kori Hahn

yoga and meditation teacher, manifestation aficionado & soul writer.

Five years ago I started using yoga with an intention to become more fluent in the whispers of my soul.  When I began using yoga to become more intuitive, tapping into a more heart centered perception, I found a power to change and grow in a big, bold way.
My piercing passion is to share a yoga and meditation in a way which guides you to grow happier and healthier, breath by breath and day by day.  I love to teach in intimate settings, calming and clearning your way to more compassion.
After traveling around the world with my beautiful family hosting over twenty soul-nourishing retreats for the past five years, I have dedicated all of 2020 to meditating with you. Grab your headphones and join me for a calming, sacred practice.
join my 7 day meditation experience.

Through meditation, you can learn to manifest.

Twenty years ago, I found meditation. What I have found is: the more I meditate, the better my life becomes. And when I am too busy or distracted to sit down and meditate, things start to go awry.  I love how  change starts happening the second you press play.

Meditation is my one non-negotiable ritual. I believe shifting your your focus away from the thinking mind and more into the heart,  you can feel what your soul truly wants. Then you create it.  I meditate to manifest.  And I manifest as a spiritual path.

The meditations I share come from my learnings from Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana Meditiation, Bali Usada Healing Meditations and Integrated Restoration (yoga nidra). When you meditate with me, you will discover all of these styles and be guided to benefit from them.

 I invite you to join one of my meditation experience to help support you in connecting to your sacred self.

Breathe with me.

Would you love to chase your dreams?

The dream is the soul’s guide, taking you home.  This video made by my dear friend Conni Biesalski captures where I come from, where I am now and a little about where I am going.  Conni fully captures the essence of Santosha Society, my personal passion project. The essence of my heart and soul are here, in this video and a beautiful gift from a friend. Take a look.

Our journey is our story of growth.

When I was 20 years old, with a trunk full of belongings I drove north nonstop for 7 days.  I fell in love with Alaska the moment my feet rolled to a stop.  Living off-the-grid, hauling water, chopping firewood and gathering my own food bootcamped me into a more mindful way of living. The 12 years I spent there taught me a lot about slowing down and taking deeper, slower breaths.

For the past 15 years, I have travelled extensively, always with a wide-eyed curiosity to know how the world sees spirituality. My spiritual curiousity led me from Mexico to Tibet to Japan. While traveling, I found my spiritual teachers and soul guides.

Santosha Society was created as a community gathering place to share all things soulful and surfy.  In the last few years,  Santosha Society has hosted over twenty soul-nurturing trips around the world to hundreds of inspiring humans.

Women from all over the world have come together to create many magical experiences and deep revelation while soaking up one of our dreamy retreats. Our retreats have taken place in Morocco, France, Bali, and Sri Lanka.  At these gatherings, my favorite subjects to talk about are ayurvedia, soul growth, neuroscience, psychology, and of course the spiritual science of yoga.  The best part of these retreats are the people I meet.

My little family is currently based in Sri Lanka,  renovating the sweetest of shalas for us all to gather in.  Until then, lets meditate, together.

Listen to my soul talks.