Rituals Of The Soul

Take a journey into yourself.

Kori Hahn, a globe-traveling surfing yogini guides readers on the greatest adventure of all: into the power and potential of each individual’s unique soul.

Kori Hahn has always done life her way — living off the grid as a young woman in Alaska; studying with spiritual teachers and soul guides in Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Morocco; surfing around the world. Whether she was seeking adventure, sunshine, or the perfect wave, her primary, perennial quest has been an inner one. To that end, she evolved the practices she shares here, simple daily steps that create a veritable “stairway to heaven” and allow any reader to do life their own way, with maximum meaning and joy. These habits of growing the soul, enable our bravest and best selves, and, as Hahn shows, can take any reader wherever they most want to be.

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Inside Rituals of the Soul you will:

  • Get to know yourself better as you explore each of the 8 principles of yoga.
  • Gain clarity on your dreams and aspirations through the contemporary practices of visualization, breathwork, journaling, affirmations, and meditations.
  • Create purpose and meaning each day when you practice your personalized and intentional set of yoga rituals.
  • Gain deep soul connection and connect to your truth by becoming more intuitive using tried and tested yogic practices.


1. Immediate Access to “Creating Spaciousness In a Chaotic World” Mini-Retreat.  A video mini-lesson with Kori for creating the calm and stillness we all desire.

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2. An Immediate download of the “Rituals of My Soul” Journaling Pages: Collect all the answers to your journaling prompts on these pages and see what your intuition is asking of you.

3. Exclusive Access to a Coffee Chat with Kori on launch week! A conversation about Rituals of the Soul, stories of adventures, how to use the rituals for you and any other Q & A you might have for her.

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