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Welcome To The Soul Sessions Podcast With Kori Hahn.

I have created these powerful soulful conversations to support and encourage you to live the life you deeply desire. I believe chasing our dreams is the key to growing along our spiritual path. And as a yoga and meditation teacher with a unique perspective on this life science. I believe we can use yoga to manifest our dreams. In this podcast, we will discuss all things that relate to living less from the mind and more from the heart and soul.
  • Episode 1 – My Greatest Transformation

    the first-ever of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori begins by intimately sharing why she started this podcast and how freaking excited she is to share so many subjects that are deeply important to her....

  • Episode 2 – Sound Healing With Amber Riya

    In this episode of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori has her favorite spiritual musician, Amber RIya, as a guest on the show.   The girls discuss all things dream-chasing, healing, sound therapy, the power of music, life as a creative entrepreneur, and so much more....

  • Episode 3 – The Yogis Guide To Anxiety

    Anxiety can affect our relationships, our jobs, our ability to chase our dreams, and our entire life if we don’t do things to manage it. In this episode, Kori shares her own story of anxiety and how it affects her life, at the same time coming victorious despite it all....

  • Episode 4 – When Things Fall Apart

    When you feel stuck and stagnant, how do you return back to thriving? In this episode of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori talks about when life feels downright hard. Why do we have to go through these moments of hardship such as grief, heartache, stress, overwhelm, depression, and anxiety? And how ...

  • Episode 5 – All Things Ayurveda with Marieke Kouwenhoven

    What is Ayurveda?  And more importantly, how can you use to become healthier and happier?  In this episode, Marieke Kouwenhoven, renowned Ayurveda practitioner and yoga teacher, joins us to explore what Ayurveda is and how you can start incorporating it into your life today!...

  • Episode 6 – Grief and how I have used it to guide my life

    My journey through grief | and how  it has guided my life.In this episode of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori talks about her journey through grief.  When she was 21 years old her college boyfriend passed away.  Kori explains how this devastating experience has guided her to study the soul a...

  • Episode 7 – A Loving Kindness Meditation

    Need more compassion in your life?  We all do!  Compassion and forgiveness are essential virtues when it comes to loving yourself and resolving all resentments with others....

  • Episode 08 – A New Mum’s Guide to Mindfulness

    How to stay peaceful and calm through pregnancy, delivery and long after?  The answer is mindfulness.  In this episode, Kori discusses all things motherhood and mindfulness in this personal episode. Kori begins with sharing her journey from the moment she found out she was pregnant to now, a mothe...

  • Episode 9 – How we use relationships to grow with Connie Biesalski

    What role do relationships play in our spiritual path?  Why do we sometimes convince ourselves that we need our relationships to last forever? Why do we stay when we are constantly deep down wanting to leave?  How do we use our relationships to grow our souls?...

  • Episode 10 – Feeling Into Worthiness

    “Let’s not attach anything to our worth anymore. Let’s just settle into the fact that we are deeply worthy, and focus on doing the things that create the things we do merely for love for joy, for happiness. Because that’s ultimately what life is about, it’s about learning to just love each...

  • Episode 11 : The Big Picture of Yoga

    In this podcast, I explain the big picture of yoga by taking you on a journey through the 8 stages of the ancient spiritual system....

  • Episode 12 – Connecting With Your Spirituality

    What is the point of life? Why is spirituality so important and how you can connect with it. You are going to love this soulful episode....

  • Episode 13 – BreakUps, Finding Love, and Everything Inbetween.

    We talk about codependency and how finding love again begins by learning to deeply love and care for ourselves....

  • Episode 15 – The Magic of Music with My Sitar Teacher, Nandita Acharya

    In this episode of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori talks with her sitar teacher, Nandita Acharya about her experience learning the Hindustani instrument, the sitar, and how this has connected her with her spirituality. The last twenty minutes of this podcast is a sitar composition curated by Nandita...

  • Episode 14 – The Spirit Rituals – Understanding Bhakti and Prayer

    In this podcast, Kori takes us on a deep dive into the world of Bhakti Yoga, which is actually the most popular form of yoga in all of India.  Bhakti is one tool the yogis gave us to help us connect with the spiritual world....

  • Episode 16 – Understanding My Codependency + New Self Care Boundaries.

    In this soul session, Kori vulnerably shares her journey with co-dependency and boundaries.  Inspired to dive deeper into the topic when she stumbles across Teri Cole's Boundary Boss on a  bookshelf where she is housesitting in California.Kori shares how she recently realized she is codepend...

  • Episode 17 – A Travel Story of Magical Happenings.

    In this episode of the Soul Sessions podcast, Kori updates listeners on life as of lately.  She shares of the trauma and stress she was feeling throughout most of the pandemic, feeling depressed and living with constant nervous breakdowns.  After leaving Sri Lanka on a last minute decision knowing...

  • Episode 18 – The Unconscious Cycle of Pain

    In this episode, Kori talks about a recent drama with an old friend who broke her longboard and didn't tell her or offer to replace it.Although she rambles on a little about the whole story, there is a moment she can step away from all the infuriating details of the disagreement and realize this...

  • Episode 19 – All about Tantra – Marieke Kouwenhouwen

    On this episode, Kori talks with Ayurvedic Practitioner and Tantric Teacher Marieke Kouwenhouven all about tantra.Kori asks Marieke to guide her (and all of us) to redefine our confidence and deeply love ourselves. As you will see, Marieke is so amazing and guides us to understanding how to deep...

  • Episode 20 – Yoga and The Layers of Our Humanness

    In this episode Kori explains the conscious layers of our humanness.  We are made up of all these different layers, and once we see ourselves in parts, its easier to create a more fulfilling whole.  This one is all about YOGA!Kori breaks down how yoga explains our human body with layers (kosha...

  • Episode 21 : Self Healing with Ayurveda – Marieke Kouwenhouven

    Life, indeed, is not a bed of roses. We must learn healing techniques and tools in order to minimize our innate suffering and to find our own unique path of calm and peace.In this episode, Marieke Kouwenhowen teaches us how to integrate Ayurveda into our life by first realizing our energetic mak...

  • Epsiode 22 – Pisces Yoga Nidra

    In this episode of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori guides listeners into themselves to explore the themes of the Pisces Zodiac.Pisces represents how we swim through this life as humans in the big ocean of spirituality.  Pisces is a fish and loves to float and bob around, exploring ideals and dr...

  • Episode 23 – Moving from the disconnect to Connection with Marieke Kouwenhouwen

    Moving from the disconnect to connection.  There seems to be a pandemic happening bigger than Covid which is a massive disconnect not only with ourselves but the world around us also. In this episode, Kori is joined by her best friend, business partner, and Ayurvedic practitioner Marieke Kouwe...

  • Epsiode 24 – The Difference between Falling and Rising into Love

    How to feel healthy and soul connected in a loving relationship? We must stop thinking that romantic relationships are something we fall into, losing control and surrendering our entire selves.  In turn, we must learn to rise into love - staying connected to ourselves through the entire journey. ...

  • Episode 25 – The Art of Surrender and the Kundalini Activation Process Experiment

    How to surrender?  We all want to know.  How do we accept life as it is and learn to trust in the universe?  Until recently, I might not have had an answer to this, but after a recent Kundalini Activation Process retreat I attended hosted by my dear friend Marieke Kouwenhowen, I now know a way, a...

  • Episode 26 – Intro to Human Design (functional astrology) with Erin Purdy

    What is human design? And why has it become so popular lately? In this episode, Kori talks with human design expert Erin Purdy to discuss the basics of the new metaphysical energy science of Human Design. ...

  • Episode 27 – An Everyday Meditation

    In this episode, there is no intro, no advertisements - only a simple everyday meditation to help you connect with yourself.  I guide to be with yourself, to become aware, to get calm, to relax into this moment and to love whatever it is you are currently experiencing....


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