Episode 25 – The Art of Surrender and the Kundalini Activation Process Experiment

Episode 25 – The Art of Surrender and the Kundalini Activation Process Experiment

The Soul Sessions - Episode 1

How to surrender?  We all want to know.  How do we accept life as it is and learn to trust in the universe?  Until recently, I might not have had an answer to this, but after a recent Kundalini Activation Process retreat I attended hosted by my dear friend Marieke Kouwenhowen, I now know a way, a practice, a means to actually surrender.

In this episode, Kori walks through her deep dive into a new type of yoga practice, the art of surrendering through energetic activation and feeling.  While deep in the magical hinterland of Sideman Bali, Kori layed on her back and learned how to feel the energetic movements always happening within her.  Over the course of four unique experiences using the Kundalini Activation Process as taught by Marieke Kouwenhowen, she learned what it means to learn yoga through shaktipad (the direct experience given by a guru).  Find our more about this practice she now calls her own, her surrender practice.

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  • Marieke Kouwenhowen and KAP Bali.


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