Episode 12 – Connecting With Your Spirituality

Episode 12 – Connecting With Your Spirituality


What happens when we die?  What is the purpose of life?

I have spent nearly twenty years trying to find the answer to these questions.  In this episode, Kori shares her journey to connect with her spirituality.  When her life fell apart early this year, Kori was brought to her knees.  She immediately went on a spiritual pilgrimage to India and connected with the spiritual energy the Hindus call Shakti.

From this experience, Kori realized that spirituality is energy.  By praying, visiting temples, chanting, and learning to feel at the energetic level, she started feeling this spirituality grow within her.

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Show Notes:

In this episode, Kori shares with you a journey she took in February to Varanasi India and how this trip opened her to a new depth in spirituality.  Spirituality is the 7th step of yoga called dhyana.  It is called bhakti in Hinduism.  This step of prayer is a way to believe and trust in the universe.

While in India Kori started tapping into the energy feeling within her while entering temples and performing prayer rituals.  She found spiritual confidence that has changed her life in so many ways.  She has found an innate sense of self- worth simply by understanding “I am a soul on a journey.”

In this episode, Kori will help you find your own spiritual practice.  In the next episode, she will go into further details of the practices of bhakti, spiritual devotion.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

10:25 – How my life fell apart and I started looking to the stars and

16:00 – Feeling and understanding spiritual energy and the concept of shakti. 

22:00 – Music, Sound & Spirituality

26:27 – Deities (Christ, Buddha, Shiva) as energy.

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