Episode 08 – A New Mum’s Guide to Mindfulness

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How to stay peaceful and calm through pregnancy, delivery and long after?  The answer is mindfulness.
In this episode, Kori discusses all things motherhood and mindfulness in this personal episode. Kori shares her journey from the moment she found out she was pregnant (surpriseto now, a mother to a three-year-old toddler.  She talks about the yoga practices and meditation styles that helped her along the way.
In this episode, Kori shares a little bit of her birth story too, for the first time ever, her attempt to have a water natural homebirth in Bali!  She talks about how meditation and hypnobirthing made it a peaceful and calm experience. This episode is perfect whether you are pregnant, a new mom or a tried and tested parent. There are nuggets of gold mixed in with a lot of laughter.
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Show Notes:

This episode discusses Kori’s journey from finding out when she was pregnant, which was a shocking surprise.  She was so stressed in the first few months, she dedicated the rest of her pregnancy to deeply relax.  So the first thing she did is go to a yoga nidra retreat in Australia.

From this relaxation she continued to tap into so much clarity and confidence within herself.  This led her to study calming birthing modalities.  Hypnobirthing is a popular way of birthing that calms the nervous system to the point that you feel hypnotized.  You can birth peacefully and calm using all hypnobirthing, breathwork and meditation practices.

Kori shares the meditation practices she used when she was in labor.  She actually shares her entire birthing story.  From a water/home birth in Bali to the hospital operating room, Kori shares how her mindfulness practices kept her completely calm and peaceful through all the wild and rawness of birth.

Then Kori discusses bringing Kona home. She says “When you have a newborn at home, you can really feel how to take care of that baby.  You don’t need books.”  We are incredibly intuitive when we are pregnant. The yogis believe that our gut is a highly sensitive area for tapping into ones intuitive perspective.  And a lot is happening in there when we are growing a human.

Next of course, lets talk about breastfeed a baby!  When you are breastfeeding, you are partaking in an energy exhange.  You are nurturing so much more than just this baby’s stomach, you can nurture the energy around and within your baby too.  It is proven that our energy effects water molecules in the picture book called “Hidden Messages of Water” by Matsuro Emoto.  And isn’t that what breastmilk is?

That is why I meditated when I breastfeed as much as possible.

And now, Kona is a toddler. Kori ponders how temper tantrums arise around the same time the Fontanelle (soft spot on the top of the head) calcified and becomes bone.  Is this when our children begin developing their “humanness.”  Is this when many of us begin building layers between our soulful purpose and our human experience in this life?  is this when we begin developing things like ego, cravings and aversion?  Something to think about.

Finally, Kori talks about how mindfulness is the key to staying patient with toddler tantrums, because they are testing! It takes focus, compassion and patience.  That is what meditation gives us!  She then wraps up the podcast by sharing how soulful she has found this parenting experience to be.  She shares how she is becoming her greatest person, and meditation is helping her to become this, from the motivation t be better for her child.

you will never have a greater reason to meditate.  – Kori Hahn


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

4:25 – How I found out I was pregnant. 

7:45 – Yoga Nidra and Pregnancy.

8:00 – The Child Inside of You.

10:00 – Intuition and Pregnancy/Motherhood

11:30 – My three pregnancy rules.

12:30 – Birthing Story – Kona was born!

16:35 – Breastfeeding and Mindfulness.

19:00 – Hidden Messages of Water by Matsuro Emoto.

20:00 – Screentime and Motherhood.

21:10 – Toddler Mom Life.

24:00 – How mindfulness is the best parenting tool.

30:00 The Soulful Learning of Parenting.

People / Resources Mentioned:

  • Yoga Nidra – Integrated Restoration Program with Richard Miller

  • Matsuro Emoto – Hidden Messages of Water

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