SADHANA TO SURF by Chrystal Fitzgerald

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{ reblogged from}  Although it sounds like the name of a far away city, secret surf spot or new car, Sadhana translates to Spiritual Practice and is predicated on self discipline. Self discipline sounds like work! Eeek! I know, who wants more work right? And Spiritual, whats that all about? Does this mean religion?? Sadhana refers neither to a specific religion, nor the negative connotation …

Sri Lanka Surf and Yoga Retreat Video

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This sweet video was made by photographer and filmmaker Philly Lewis who joined us in Sri Lanka last March for a week of surfing and yoga. The week was spent sleeping within earshot of the waves, underneath a field of towering palm trees, and eating three incredible Ayurvedic meals a day. We surfed perhaps Sri Lanka’s best surf breaks, made new friends and reconnected with old ones in …

{Meet Me} An Interview for Seadom Beachwear.

{An Interview for Seadom Surf Network}  The young inspirational surfer girls from Seadom Beachwear recently asked me to do an interview with them. I wasn’t quite sure what I had to offer, as their other ambassadors are up and coming noseriders. The girls rip. Then it came to me.  Despite our different levels of surfing, We share the same stoke. We have a bond through our passion for …

The Tao of Surfing: Yin Yoga

{published on The Inertia} The tides move from high to low as the moon rotates from new to full.  In just one day the ocean’s energy can change from pumping waves with spitting barrels to flat calm seas perfect for snorkeling.  Things are always changing.  It is the ebb and flow of life.