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The Soul Sessions Podcast

Episode 27 – An Everyday Meditation

In this episode, there is no intro, no advertisements - only a simple everyday meditation to help you connect with yourself.  I guide to be with yourself, to become aware, to get calm, to relax into this moment and to love whatever it is you are currently experiencing....

Epsiode 22 – Pisces Yoga Nidra

In this episode of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori guides listeners into themselves to explore the themes of the Pisces Zodiac.Pisces represents how we swim through this life as humans in the big ocean of spirituality.  Pisces is a fish and loves to float and bob around, exploring ideals and...

The Soul Sessions Podcast

Episode 20 – Yoga and The Layers of Our Humanness

In this episode Kori explains the conscious layers of our humanness.  We are made up of all these different layers, and once we see ourselves in parts, its easier to create a more fulfilling whole.  This one is all about YOGA!Kori breaks down how yoga explains our human body with...

The Soul Sessions Podcast

Episode 19 – All about Tantra – Marieke Kouwenhouwen

On this episode, Kori talks with Ayurvedic Practitioner and Tantric Teacher Marieke Kouwenhouven all about tantra.Kori asks Marieke to guide her (and all of us) to redefine our confidence and deeply love ourselves. As you will see, Marieke is so amazing and guides us to understanding how to deeply embody...

The Soul Sessions Podcast

Episode 18 – The Unconscious Cycle of Pain

In this episode, Kori talks about a recent drama with an old friend who broke her longboard and didn't tell her or offer to replace it.Although she rambles on a little about the whole story, there is a moment she can step away from all the infuriating details of the...