{Meet Me} An Interview for Seadom Beachwear.

{Meet Me} An Interview for Seadom Beachwear.

{An Interview for Seadom Surf Network}  The young inspirational surfer girls from Seadom Beachwear recently asked me to do an interview with them. I wasn’t quite sure what I had to offer, as their other ambassadors are up and coming noseriders. The girls rip.

Then it came to me.  Despite our different levels of surfing, We share the same stoke. We have a bond through our passion for the sea and the sun. We are a bunch of sun worshiping, ladysliding, oceanloving, stoke spreading mermaids.

The word sea·dom [sea-duh m]  is defined as:

1. the state of freedom as provided by the joy that our ocean brings 

2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.

in the ocean, by the ocean, or by looking at pictures of the ocean

3. feeling that every day is a sun day

4. the state of wearing sunshine

So let me tell you about Seadom Beachwear for a second.  They are on a mission to spread the ridiculously powerful joy that comes from the ocean and the sun.  They are spreading inspiration and good vibes in effort to keep the stoke alive. Although in the process of designing swimwear that will provide the perfect balance of surf function and style, there message is clear

 Everyone should wear sunshine and every day is a sun day.

I believe in Seadom, 100%, without a doubt, absolutely!  Spread the stoke ladies!

Here is my interview with them.  Im absolutely honored to represent such an optimistic, inspirational team with a future that is sure to be very bright.

Kori Hahn Interview


Kori Hahn’s adventures will make you rethink every life decision you have ever made. From Alaska to Bali, Kori has traveled to over 50 countries breathing in all that the world has to offer. Kori is an avid surfer, a yoga teacher, and the founder of the @santoshasoceity. Her story will inspire you to pack your bags and explore.

Name: Kori Hahn
Age: 34
Hometown: Moose Pass, Alaska
Home Break: Turnagain Arm Boretide & Bear Glacier, Alaska


Tell us about your relationship with the ocean.

There is no doubt that I am wholeheartedly in love with the ocean. I was raised swimming competitively, grew up to work as a boat captain, and nowadays spend as much time surfing as possible.

In Alaska, I spent a lot of time on the ocean, and less time in the ocean.  Then one day I decided that had to change. I bought an excessively thick wetsuit and joined the beluga whales and stellar sea lines in Alaska’s empty surfing lineup. This is when my life changed. Now I look forward to spending the rest of my life exploring Alaska’s limitless wave sliding possibilities.

Can you describe what the waves were like on the best Alaskan surfing day you have had?  

A few years ago we rallied a boat full of surfers to Bear Glacier, the best surf spot near where I live. Many times when we go surfing in Alaska conditions are not always what we predicted. I have cruised up to the surf break to find it is 4 ft  bigger than expected, barreling. One day when we expected it to be pumping out there, my best girlfriend and I had our longboards onboard anyhow.  Swell must have just died right off. For once, all of the boys were stuck sitting on the boat watching while just us two girls had a morning-full of fun riding the super fun little peelers. Glassy, gorgeous and just girlfriends ~ that’s my favorite scenario. We returned to the boat stoked and enjoyed making all those tough Alaskan surfer boys green with envy.


Tell us about a few of your adventures – where did you go, who did you meet, what did you learn?

I am a modern day wanderlusting gypsy nomad. I adventure. I explore. I meet people and I try to learn from all of them. Living this way keeps my soul a little more satisfied. I have traveled to nearly 50 countries in 10 years and spend most of my waking hours dreaming of visiting 50 more. I have journals full of adventures backpacking through Africa, Asia, India, Central America and Europe.  But I must say my stories always come back to my time in Alaska, as this seems to interest people more than anything else.

When I first moved to Alaska, I taught cold water survival in the remote native villages of Alaska. Some might call these people Eskimos. These folks are no stranger to wild seas, North America’s tallest mountains and encounter the most unforgiving animals on the planet. Living far from roads, you can only get there by boat or plane. In these parts, cellphones are replaced with fishing poles and seal-skin bidarka kayaks. To survive you must fish, hunt, and pick berries.  It is a simple life, a sustainable life, and a life with a true appreciation for the ocean and all the beautiful creatures that call it home.

Today, you can find me in Bali, where frequent swells, artsy inspiration and a lovable yoga community keep me content. Here the adventures are constant as well. Everyday I am challenged by simple things like entry visas, language mishaps, ATM meltdowns, mangy stray dogs, rats for roommates, and the never-ending battle with Bali belly. I find it is the most stressful times of travel that end up our favorite adventure stories to tell.


How long have you been surfing for?

I have been surfing for a few years. In Alaska, I skied a lot and surfed a little. Now living in Bali I can appreciate my time spent in the water more than ever. I am lucky enough to surf everyday.

Do you travel to different surf spots or do you stay pretty local to where you live? Which spots do you regularly surf in Bali?

I love staying close to home and surfing my local break, Berawa in Canggu. To be honest, the scooter rides around Bali wear me out more than the surfing.  I adventure out as well though. Usually a few times a week I will drive an hour or two for a “special” day of surfing. I am super keen to go to Mentawais and Sumbawa as soon as I get a nice chunk of time to thoroughly enjoy it.


Photo by Stuart Smythe

What is your favorite board?  

Do I have to pick one? Of course I love longboarding, but recently I added a local Balinese-crafted 6’0 singlefin to my quiver. I am having so much fun strapping “Bandit” to my scooter’s surf rack and exploring many of Indonesia’s salty hidden gems.


Where is your favorite surf spot?

The size and swell of Bali’s surf keep my heart pumping and arms burning. The shear power behind the waves here and the constant adventure of getting to new breaks make it a very special place to me. But I must admit, there is something extremely spiritual about surfing in the arctic. Riding a lonely little wave next to towering mountain walls, no one around beside a wandering orca whale, these are moments I will forever cherish.


Photo by @niklasjo

Day job: Although I am trained as a salty dog boat captain, for 15 years I have been a yoga enthusiast. Recently, I turned my passion into a career, organizing yoga workshops and “surf & yoga escapes” to my favorite spots in the world.

[ Check out to learn more!]

Dream job: I dream of circumnavigating the world in my own modest little sailboat, but at the moment I am living my dream job, teaching yoga while surfing and traveling the world.


Photo by CJ Kimell

Who or what inspires you?

There is inspiration everywhere, right? I have a serious crush on Captain Liz Clark and her adventures aboard Swell, a modest little sailing yacht currently anchored off an South Pacific surf break. Then there is my sweet friend Leah Dawson fearlessly soul-arching through hollow barrels on the North Shore of Hawaii.  I am constantly inspired and motivated in a world full of amazing people passionately finding contentment doing whatever it is their heart and soul is driving them to do.


Photo by Tolis Art

What does Seadom mean to you?

To me, Seadom is finding freedom from the sea ~ Sailing, surfing, swimming, or simply sipping a coconut. As long as we are feeling the sunshine, absorbing its warmth into our hearts, we are living in a state of seadom.

Favorite post-surf meal?

Whatever is closest, easiest and fastest. I have a terrible habit of surfing until starvation. Typically a coffee and a bowl of fruit are the light at the end of my starvation tunnel.

Favorite quotation:

“I exist as I am, that is enough”  ~ Walt Whitman

Words of wisdom for female surfers? 

Stay salty.


Photo by CJ Kimell


Photo by Stuart Smythe

What brings you the most happiness in the world?

This is such a hard question to answer for some reason.  Children make me laugh, and laughter definitely makes me happy. I try to laugh as much as possible. Their  innocence and curiosity keep them raw and pure in a world that isn’t always the same.

Doing things I love certainly bring me happiness as well.  Hobbies bring me a lot of happiness too.  Writing, traveling, playing music, creating art, wine with girlfriends, surfing, skiing, sailing, hiking, drinking coconuts, kissing a certain boy, yoga, meditation and reading. This list can go on forever. I guess with hobbies it doesn’t matter to me how good I am, it only matters that the process of them make me a happier person.


Photo by CJ Kimell


Photo by CJ Kimell


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