Morocco 'Magic and Manifestation' Surf and Yoga Retreat

Magic Bay, Morocco is one of the greatest destinations in the world. The waves, the food, the scenery, and the culture are like nowhere else on earth. And just when you think things couldn't get any more magical, this will be the sacred locations for 'The Manifestation Manifesto' Morocco Retreat where we will explore our natural intuitive process for manifesting more magic into our lives.

The Destination

For centuries, Morocco has inspired travelers with its colors, history, and cultural combination of Arab, European, and African influence. From the city’s bustling medinas to the uncrowded long, golden beaches along the western coastline, Morocco packs a remarkable variety of adventure, culture, and relaxation into its corner of Northern Africa. Kasbahs and mosques offer a glimpse of a more mystical time, while hip cafés and high-design riads reflect Moroccans’ modern, cosmopolitan side. It is no wonder why this country is on the Lonely Planet’s “Best Travel” list and one of Travel + Leisure’s “Best Places to Travel.” National Geographic claims Tagazhout to be on of the “Best Surf Towns in the World.”  And we agree, but just one hour north, there is an even more spectacular surf town!  Welcome to Magic Bay.

Our first trip to Morocco, we traveled from the northern beaches near Casablanca all the way to the southern famous point breaks of Taghazout.  We can tell you that Magic Bay is our favorite surf spot and seaside town.  It will be the perfect place to  spend our week together. Imsouane is a unique gem sitting picturesque besides the blue waters of the Atlantic coast, but nearby are some spectacular, and still fairly undiscovered adventures to be had.  Oh yes, this vacation is one not to miss.


The Villa

In a serene seaside setting, our villa is located  a stone’s throw from the ocean.  We are blessed with breathtaking panoramic sea views from our front yard yoga space to watch Morocco’s unforgettable sunrise and sunset practice.  Seconds from the surf, near to traditional villages, yet ideally tucked away from the hustle and bustle, we have found the perfect place to base our Morocco Surf and Yoga Escape. We believe that the villa is unquestionably the very best accommodation in the region.

The Yoga

While gathered in such an inspiring and unforgettable location to dive deep into Kori Hahn‘s belief that yoga is a practice for manifesting your greatest dreams. ‘The Manifestation Manifesto’ is the theme for the week’s yoga schedule and is unlike any other retreats offered in the past. Each morning will begin with a mindful meditation followed by a gentle vinyasa flow and the evenings are dedicated to healing and relaxation using yin/ restorative asana sequences. Yet the process of intuitive living and the process of manifestation will be weaved throughout each and every breath of the week.  In other words, you will learn how to manifest your greatest dreams in one of the worlds dreamiest destinations. Umm Yes, please!

All Levels are welcome and we are happy to cater to your needs. This retreat is about actually living your dreams.  So if Kori always supports you in doing whatever it is they want to do.  Surf, yoga, adventure, lay by the pool, eat.  This is a week all about treating yourself, learning how to create (or continue living) the life you truly dream of living, and having fun throughout.  So do exactly what your heart is telling you it needs. We are here to support you.

By joining this retreat you are supporting a beautiful karma yoga project which will donate one high-quality modular prosthetic limb kit for a child with a limb disability living in the developing world. Every retreat quite literally changes a child life for the better.  Find our more about our karma yoga project by (clicking here).

The Surf

If Morocco isn’t on your list of surf destinations. It should be. Morocco has a coastline with countless waves to froth on. These are the waves that have made Morocco famous, known for world class surf and leg achingly long rides. Whether you are looking for reeling point breaks, endless mellow longboard walls, or the perfect wave to learn on, Morocco has it all. National Geographic describes the area as “a surfing oasis in the middle of a long, rugged coastline that is inundated with waves.” The Tagahzout region is blessed with a multi-aspect coastline which means on any given day a wide range of waves can be found to suit the whole spectrum of abilities, likewise there are spots to suit an array of swell, tide, and wind variations. Local guides will be available to tell you where will be best on the day.

We also have legendary surf photographer, Stuart Smythe, to capture the  greatest moments in the water and on land so you can take home beautiful photos from the trip (in addition to a lifetime of memories).

 Note: Surf lessons and board rentals are at your own expense.

Morocco manifestation retreat yoga

The Food

Using only the finest and freshest local produce, our team of talented local chefs, make each meal a taste sensation. With 3 delicious, nutritious vegetarian meals a day and a wide array of healthy snacks, your taste buds are certain to be satisfied. After morning yoga, enjoy smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, fresh local breads, amlou, yoghurts, eggs, crepes, dried fruits, nuts and a rainbow platter of seasonal fruit. Perhaps a picnic on the beach for lunch with freshly filled baguettes, varied mixed salads, homemade falafel, sweet treats and fresh fruit will satisfy your hunger between surfs. At sunset, feast on gourmet Moroccan and International dishes; meals range from Moroccan tagines, kebabs, couscous and salads, to barbecues, vegetarian options, fresh fish and a delicious variety of international and Moroccan dishes to suit every palate. The famous dips and tapas, spiced chick peas, aubergines, toasted almond and apricot rice and divine chocolate avocado tartare are delectable. It is a culinary dream.
We can adapt meal times and all cuisine to suit your dietary requirements, allergies and preferences.

santosha society surf trip morocco

Adventure & Culture

From our base in Imsouane, there are so many amazing places nearby to explore and adventures to be had. Venture to Paradise Valley graced with beautiful streams, waterfalls and pools or head to the artist haven of Essaouira to shop the  main souq (a Moroccan market). Essaouira is a stop on every travelers itinerary to Morocco (or should be!).  The lively little beachside town is the perfect say trip for shopping, eating, dancing and experiencing the colorful culture of magical Morocco. Ride a camel, sweat it up in a hammam (Moroccan steam bath), read by the pool,  soak up the sun and do whatever makes you feel alive.

(There will be a local “adventure packet” waiting for you on your arrival so you can plan your week to make the most of your time)

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