Island Of The Gods Soul & Surf Trip

Would you like to come see the Island of the Gods with me? She is gorgeous. She is magical. She is my home. She has an energy that can not be described, it must be felt to be experienced. Come join me for this Bali Spiritual Surf Exploration knowing it will be one of a kind.

The Destination

Bali is more than an island.  She is a living, breathing labyrinth of possibility. A game of cosmic chess.  She is a bridge that will lead you closer to your truth. A cauldron of fire that will burn your old stories to ashes and offer rebirth in the form of fierce grace.  She is a queen. A priestess. A sorceress

Bali is sunshine, sweat, sand, salt and sea. She is big-hearted locals. Wide smiles. Warm hearts. Rustic warungs. Fresh coconuts. Dawn rooster crows. Remote villages. Lush rice fields. Beautiful beaches. Psychedelic sunsets. Flower-filled frangipani trees. Ornate temples. Sacred ceremonies. Religious rituals. Fragrant incense. Scenic scooter rides. Jungle adventures.
– Words by Rebecca Walker.

The Villa

Stretching alongside a quiet river in a serene village, Our soulfull seven-bedroom villa is a divine retreat of refined privacy, vast space and delightful service.  We will make our home for the week near the glittering volcanic black sands of Pererenan beach.  In addition to a 16 meter pool and open-aired yoga shala, we will be providing bicycles to use for the week so you can freely wander down the quiet rice paddy streets to the beach. 

All meals will be thoughtfully curated during our stay.  Dishes will be a highlight of the worldly cuisines that all come together in Bali  Starting with fresh smoothie bowls in the morning to local style satay in the evening, our menu will be created to inspire each and every tastebud in your mouth!   Salty and Sweet, just lay back and let us serve you an amazing week of hassle free luxury retreating.

The Yoga

We will begin each day with meditation before heading out in search for waves.  If Every evening Kori Hahn will be guiding you through various different intuitive yoga practices such as yoga nidra, yin yoga, vinyasa flow, Trust Your Gut Sequence, and Restorative Yoga.  This entire week of soulful nurturing will guided by Kori’s curated yoga schedule using the Balinese element of rituals to guide our discussion of intuition, magic & manifestation.  In these workshops will be designed to get you clear on what you want in your life and then we will create a plan to make it happen (using rituals!).  Sounds magical, right?  It is! 


Everyday the Balinese silence out the hustle and bustle in their minds to perform a number of soul-nourishing rituals.  For just a few minutes, the locals of the island turn their attention to the spirit and soulful.  Our week in Bali will be spent doing the same.  We will explore the balinese rituals by learning how the universe and cosmos play into out lives, by praying and making offerings, and through the immersion into nature as a means of cleansing one’s spirit.  This trip will be unique and special.   (one of the most exciting rituals will be our daily saltwater soaks too, it would be rude not too!)

By joining this retreat you are supporting a beautiful karma yoga project. From the proceeds of this retreat, we will donate one high-quality modular prosthetic limb kit for a child with a limb disability living in the developing world. Find our more about our karma yoga project by (clicking here).

The Surf

Bali is quite possibly the most popular surfing destination in the world, and for very good reasons.  It has been on the surfer’s radar since the 70s, and still remains there today.  With more breaks than one can even list, its not only the amount of waves in Bali that is mind-blowing, but the quality and conditions too!  

Can I be honest for a minute though?  Bali is crowded.  It isn’t easy to find waves that aren’t crowded but its possible.  That is exactly why you would want to join us for the week.  We will hire a surf guide and a van so that we can make the most of our time together.   I have my own list of favorite “semi-secret” spots that I can’t wait to take you too (as long as you promise not to blog about it, ok?)

And while anyone can join on this trip, beginners lessons will not be apart of this retreat.  If you are a beginner surfer and would like to join this trip, there are lots of local surf coaches just down at the local beach who are more than happy to show you how it is done.   If you are not interested in surfing, you are more than welcome to join us and explore a new beach for the day.  But the surf guide and the van will be focused on taking surfers to intermediate surf spots only.  With that said, all are welcome! 

 Note: Surf lessons and board rentals are at your own expense.

Anna-bali surf and yoga

Adventure & Culture

Remember when I said I was creating my dream week?  Its true!  We will have an afternoon creating our own  Indigo-dyed batik alter piece of art.  Indigo-dye Batik is an art form traditional to Indonesia.  It is a sustainable and mindful experience that will leave you with a beautiful souvenir to take home with you! 

As if this isn’t enough, there is the possibility to visit amazing hindu temples, water temples, waterfalls, Seminyak shopping streets and incredible rice terraces.  Oh, how could I forget the beaches!  There are white and black sand beaches to the north, south, east and west.  just take your pick.  Or just read a book and relax. Oh and did i mention the cafe culture here? Wow!!  Bali has it all.

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If ever there was a moment I felt utterly alive and free, it has been driving through an endless sea of rice paddies. If ever I have felt cleansed, it has been while soaking in her seas. And if ever there was a place I would want to be guided, it would be Bali. Come experience my Bali. Let me show you everything I love in one of the most magical and spiritual surf trips I have ever organized.