Philly J Lewis

Enjoyer of life, photographer, surfer, yoga teacher.

Photos by Animal UK, Robin Kitchin

She’s a yogi, surfer and photographer. She encompasses everything we at Santosha Society believe in, and now luckily for us she is jumping onboard. Hailing from the cold waters of Cornwall, this girl is on a path, and it is very clear to see that there is no stopping her.

As a yogi, Philly is a 200 hour certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher. She started teaching yoga to share with the world one of her greatest passions. She takes beautiful pictures, but she is also beautiful in front of the lens as well. You can find her striking a pose for the Uk based activewear company Animal, whom she is an ambassador for.

“Philly has a certain aura about her” Animal UK.

As a photographer, Philly captures beautiful images. With a degree in Fashion Photography, she is now an established filmmaker and photographer who has worked with too many brands to mention. A few that you have certainly heard of include Hurley, SurfGirl Magazine, Roxy, Cooler Magazine, World Surf League, Passenger Clothing, Sessions Surf Shop, Endeavour Surf Company, Carve Magazine, BeShades, Protest, and Billabong. I would say thats a pretty incredible resume, especially considering she just starting her professional career.

As a real life mermaid, Philly is one of us. She is inspired by the sea. She lives by it, surfs in it and captures its beautiful in her photography work. She explains how all of these things come together for her in an interview with Animal UK, “my yoga improves my surfing, my surfing inspires my photography and my photography is just a way to express everything as I do it.”

It is girls like Philly that we so excited to travel the world with. Lucky us! Philly is coming along to Sri Lanka in March 2016  to share her stoke on life. Thanks for the inspiration beautiful!

“I know to be kind, to love. To accept. To be positive ALWAYS. To be patient. To trust in the world.” Philly Lewis