Hiromi Matsubara

Macrobiotic Chef, Conservationist, Surf-Inspired Traveler

Japan surf and yoga retreat

Hiromi is focused, determined and driven in everything she does.  As far as her work resume goes, it’s utterly impressive, but the thing is, Hiromi is down to earth and knows the art of living.  With a life motto that “The very purpose of life is to be happy.”  She is a shining example of how to balance determination to change the world, which self-compassion to do the things you love at the same time.

Hiromi began her working life in the busy corportate world of Japan.  5 years later the enterprenial skills she learned along the way and a better understanding of her own life passions,  she co-founded “,” a company aimed to educate individuals, organizations, institutions and corporations with practical solutions and strategies to increase sustainability and productivity.  It doesnt stop there, she played a massive roll in setting up the Surfrider Foundation in Japan and hosted a weekly 3 hour live national Japanese radio program and gave many public speaks on topics including environmental issues, ocean conservation, women’s rights, surfing tourism and sustainability practices.

“The very purpose of life is to be happy.” – Hiromi

Then she left the life she was all too familiar with in Japan for the life she dreamt of for so long.  She moved to the surfing heaven of Byron Bay, Australia.  She found herself in front of the computer a little less, and enjoying the crystal clear waters a lot more.

With this lifestyle change, came a newfound love for macro biotic nutrition and cooking, which found her running a small catering business, Hiromix Kitchen which gave her the pleasure of sharing her favorite Japanese macrobiotic recipes with a world eager to try them.  She is a RYT 200hr yoga teacher having completed her training at the reknowned Byron Yoga Center.

Hiromi is a bit of a real life super woman.  She has inspired us with her dedicated love for health & wellness, ocean conservation, women’s rights and traveling the world.  When we first heard about her dreams of surf trips to Japan, Papua New Guinea and Byron Bay, we knew we not only wanted to be apart of her dream, she was putting together our dream trips!

Find out more about the upcoming:  Japan Surf & Yoga Adventure and the Papua New Guinea Trip Surf Trip


Japan surf and yoga retreat

And one more thing…Hiromi writes, although mainly in Japanese, with a little help from Google translator, there is no shortage of informative goodness to be found here on her blogs: Hiromi’s Blog &  Blanco Living Blog