The Magical Year

The Magical Year

After the amazing (and I mean absolutely magical) trips to Sri Lanka and Morocco last March, I gave myself a ’break’ from organizing or running retreats so I could single-pointedly focus on one thing … creating. And create, I have!  Most of the year was spent deep in the caverns of a gigantic creative bubble I’ve been living in.  Struggling to find enough time in the day and often forgoing sleep in a race to get all of this inspiration out of my head and onto paper.  It is happening.  And I can confidently say that I will be wrapping up the book early next year, just before kicking off the first retreat on the schedule, Sri Lanka.

A few months ago I created a brand new retreat schedule (some in new destinations and all with new yoga intentions).  Each retreat has been re-sculpted to be more special and unique.  You might have noticed that we not have a new website, which looks amazing (thanks Stu). And the most wildly exciting thing I am creating right now (and at times overwhelming) is my book, The Intuitive Yogi.

The upcoming Santosha schedule is designed as a thoughtful addition to the magical process of transformation and creation already in motion as the Intuitive Yogi book moves through it’s release into the universe.  Somewhere along the way of writing this book, I stopped re-creates each retreat to be a sacred surf-y celebration that naturally weaves into the path of releasing my book.


Let me explain, See each retreat is themed around a sacred step of the manifestation process to help this little love of mine (my book) soar! As I launch this book into the universe, I will need to do four things: relax and release, pray deeply, reward myself and believe in magic.


The upcoming Santosha Society retreat schedule does just that …We will be Relaxing in Sri Lanka, Praying in Bali, Reward Ourselves in France and Manifest the Big Magic in Morocco.

Hello magical year of intuitive manifestation, here we come!

Here are some of the magical experiences I have curated for you:


I am still working on one of my favorite pieces of work ever, The Intuitive Yogi. While this book is still very much in creation mode, in a few months it will be entering the polishing phase of the process after over a year of diligent, tireless work. I couldn’t be happier or more excited to see this happen. I have worked on this book through the quietest hours of the night (when I should be asleep) and every other chance I got (which is hard to come by with a 1 year old.)

When not writing, I am constantly studying and researching these ancient methods. This has offered me a beautiful opportunity to re-observe the way I see yoga, intuition, and the daily lives we live. The Intuitive Yogi has been a truly humbling adventure to undertake. This book is about using specific yoga techniques to help you live more intuitively. The Intuitive Yogi offers explanations, techniques, research and stories which are helpful for understanding how intuition works to manifest your dreams and live happier and healthier. I have translated the 8 limbs of yoga to make more sense to those of us in todays world.

Suddenly this ancient science of the soul feels much more realistic and approachable. It feels more magical. And through the revelations I had while writing The Intuitive Yogi, magic and manifestation make a lot more sense. I am hoping to be nearly finished with major creations of the book before the new years. So next year, you can expect The Intuitive Yogi and a full schedule of retreats.


In March, Santosha is headed back to Sri Lanka for The Sacred Sri Lanka Soul and Surf Retreat from March 3-9, 2017. This week is dedicated to relaxing & resetting (don’t worry you will sweat too). As the sound of the waves lulls through the palm trees to the stunning little yoga shala, Sri Lanka will be our time to take a big sigh and rejuvenate. Is that what you are looking for too? Personally, having just worked so hard on creating and manifesting all these beautiful dreams, I couldn’t be more excited to return to Sri Lanka to focus on cleansing, releasing and resetting. We all need more of this in our lives, right? Sri Lanka is certainly one of my favorite paradises on earth and an excellent destination for chilling right out.

Next, The Island of The Gods Soul and Surf Retreat in Bali will take place May 26 – June 1, 2017. This special week is themed around ‘creating your own intuitive rituals’ so you can integrate them into your real, everyday busy modern life. This retreat is extra special to me because having just launched all of these big new creative projects, it is the perfect time in the manifestation process for praying. I believe in the importance of praying to the universe to do its thing; and there are few places on earth that pray like the Balinese. For the past 5 years, Bali has been my home (and all of her consistent, perfect waves have been my playground). This week we will explore Bali’s powerful spiritual nature from temples to the sea.

The Summer of 2019 is reserved for lots of fun projects involving The Intuitive Yogi. (More on all of this later).

By the time September rolls around, I will be ready for a glass of wine and a gang of rad girlfriends. We are meeting in France for The France Soul and Surf Retreat. This adventure retreat is focused on treating yo’self and rewarding yourself with a little romantic french oh la la from September 7-14, 2019. I dreamt up this retreat by thinking ‘What is my own personal idea of a perfect soulful surfy time?’ And this retreat was born. Let the bra-mance begin. We will surf beneath castles, eat chocolate, drink wine and eat delectable dinners. We will explore the beautiful Basque coast to the south and Hossegor- surf region to the north. As always, we will spend the week talking about the sacred and soulful before giggling ourselves to sleep. It is probably time you rewarded yourself with a romantic little adventure too? Am i right? xoxo

Finally, there is no better place to manifest magic than in the Magical motherland of Morocco. The Morocco ‘Magic Manifesto’ Soul and Surf Trip is happening October 13-19, 2019 and is dedicated to all things magic and manifestation. Imsouanne, Morocco is one of the most exotic, cultural unique places I have ever been. With an insanely fun righthand point break surf break and an good vibe energetic buzz, you don’t want to forget the surf wax or your personal dream list for this trip 😉 It is Magic I tell you!


Let your life be a celebration of all the things you love and come celebrate this big magical year with me somewhere exotic. I love you all and cant thank you enough for supporting me along this incredible journey. I cant believe what we have grown all of this together. It is absolutely amazing! I look forward to reconnecting with those of you who I do know and getting to know those of you who I have yet to meet. I am sending you a thousand-armed Octopus hug from me to you! And love, lots and lots and lots of love.


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Santosha Society now takes deposits and accepts payment plans. Just message me already and lets make this year magical for both of us!