Meet Our Crew Of Inspirational Souls

Kori Hahn Santosha Society

Kori Hahn

Santosha Society Founder, Yoga Teacher & Worldly Wanderer

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Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald photo

Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald

Photojournalist, surfer, and adventurer with a passion for storytelling.

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Hiromi Matsubara

Hiromi Matsubara

Macro biotic Chef, Conservationist, Surf-Inspired Traveler

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Karson Lewis surf and yoga Retreat sri lanka

Karson Lewis

Stylie Lady Slider and Smiley Surf Coach.

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Ines_ambrosio surf and yoga Retreat

Ines Ambrosio

Lady Slider, Artist and Inspirational Dreamer

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Dorion Davis

Dorion Davis

Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher & adventuring optimist

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Vera Nording

Vera Nording

Super Smiley Surf Instructor & Soul Surfing Wahine

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Philly j Lewis

Philly J Lewis

Enjoyer of life, photographer, surfer, yoga teacher.

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