Sri Lanka Manifestation & Yoga Retreat

Welcome To The Sri Lanka Retreat

This is one of my favorite places in the world. From the fruit markets, to the Ayurvedic kitchens, the playful waves and the delectable curries, I could travel this country by tuk tuk day and night and only love it more. You will adore every minute in this sacred place.

The Destination

Ceylon, Sri Lanka. Where the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean gently lap the golden sandy shoreline. It is no wonder why Sri Lanka is the most sold Lonely Planet Guidebook and currently tops the New York Times Travel List. A culture so rich, colorful and welcoming; leaving will be the hardest thing you do.

For the past twenty years, I have dedicated all of my freetime to seeing the world.  And I can tell you, no where is quite like this little slice of heaven where we host our Sri Lanka surf and yoga getaway.  Sri Lanka is the birthplace to the time tested, medical philosophy of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is sanskrit for “life knowledge” and is focused on balancing our bodies, individually, into a state of equilibrium. It differs strongly from allopathy as it is a personalized approach to healing and wellbeing, considering our different constitutions and paths in life.

This retreat differs from all the others that we offer because of the additional attention to relaxation, nurturing, and nourishment.  Something about the palm trees swaying, the hammock swinging, the stars falling and the lulling rhythm of the ocean dancing up and down the sand just begs all to slow down and relax.

The Villa

From the moment you land in Columbo, we will have a driver waiting to bring you to the stunning south coast where the retreat will be held in the tranquil little surf town of Madiha.

Two unique luxury boutique villas offer 8 bedrooms and two pools in a spacious seaside setting.  A simple open aired yoga pavilion sits beneath the large lawn full of towering palm trees, 400 metres of private beachfront, and an endless ocean horizon vista.

With no more than 12 guests, you are sure to find your own space to relax and indulge in the tropical luxury’s of life.

The Yoga

This Sri Lanka retreat has been thoughtfully curated to share a new exciting perspective on yoga developed by yoga teacher and Santosha founder Kori Hahn  called Intuitive Yoga. Our week together in the yoga shala will focus on explaining yogic techniques for developing greater intuitive sensitivity (which Kori believes is the key ingredient for manifesting your dreams).  This week is not only about yoga, but will also be run with a focus on the Sri Lankan understanding of Ayurveda.  From the foods you eat, to the yoga philosophies you will learn, and the healing therapies you will have an opportunity to try.  If you want (or need) a rejuvenating healing holiday, I have the hammock you are looking for.

Our morning meditation will be followed with an invigorating morning asana practices dedicated to making you feel more alive and inspired. The evening practices are dedicated to relaxing, resting, and nourishing the body. Each yoga class is specifically designed to stimulate meridians, chakras, koshas and specific areas of the body that are scientifically connected to your intuitive body.  Through these yoga and meditation sessions, you will better understand how your intuition works. There will be plenty of time to discuss your own personal dream. Are you ready to manifest a lot more magic into your life?  If so, this could be the perfect place to start.

By joining this retreat you are supporting the donation of one high-quality modular prosthetic limb kit for a child with a limb disability living in the developing world.  Each retreat is literally changing the lives of a child forever. Find our more about our beautiful karma yoga project by (clicking here).

The Surf

So you like to surf?  This stretch of coast line is one of the most wave-rich coastlines in the world.  From mellow longboarding beach breaks perfect for beginners to barreling reef breaks for the experienced, Sri Lanka will satisfy your thirst for waves.  Pack your boards long or short.  Jump in a tuktuk and explore the multiple point breaks & peaks up and down the coast.

There are two fun intermediate spots right out front of the villa.  Think: long fun rights and lefts, shorts, bikinis, palm trees, sunshine, smiles and all around good vibes. We also go on a day trip to the beautiful Hiriketiya bay with a nice left hand point.

If you are a beginner and hoping to take lessons during the retreat, one of our favourite local coaches is based nearby on Weligama Beach. We are here to help you ride your first wave by sending you in the right direction.  After lots of consideration and thought, we believe the best way to do this is to support the local surf instructors instead of hiring a foreigners.
 Note: Surf lessons and board rentals are at your own expense.

Adventure & Culture

We offer not only a unique setting for relaxation with pool-side loungers, hammocks and postcard perfect beaches, but we encourage you to adventure and roam in order to fully satisfy your soul’s wanderlust. There is ample time in the middle of each day to explore the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer, adventure to national parks filled with wild elephants, sip tea in the famous tea plantations, listen to monks chanting in glistening golden Buddhist temples, and just relax in a lonely little hammock watching the sun dip below the horizon.

We offer an “adventure guide” on arrival that gives you pages of ideas of the most popular sights to see as well as some personal favourites that you are sure to be the only tourist in sight.  Let your worries fade out to sea and the peace flow back in.

If you are ready to start meditating and manifesting now, check out our online soul-nourishing programs until more in-person gatherings are scheduled.

From our (free) 7 day meditation experiences to our most popular 2 month transformation program,  there is something just perfect for you!
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