Mentawai Island Surf & Yoga Escape

September 10-19, 2018

Did you ever imagine owning your own Island? Well this is pretty close to it, fringed with endless palms, the most perfectly clear water and white sand. It is a Robinson Crusoe, private island surf paradise getaway like no other. Whether you surf or not, it is heaven here. We will have a blast, do a little yoga, surf, snorkel and enjoy the tropical atmosphere. There will be no schedule. No agenda. Just fun, relaxation, and so many waves.

The Destination

The Mentawai Islands are world renowned by surfers.  It is not only famous for the quality of waves on offer here, but also the consistency. This 12 hectare island sanctuary can be circumnavigated in half an hour. The island is ringed by beautiful white sand beaches, coral reefs and crystal clear waters.  Looking out over the turquoise lagoon ion the front of the island you will find Scarecrows, a long left hand wave that peels around the fringing reef, just one of the many waves in the area. This resort is a little different.  It is situated a little further away from the main island.  The structures on the island were built entirely out of recycled timber and driftwood collected from the surrounding beaches making this resort truly a one of a kind.  Its more sustainable and eco-friendly than anywhere else out here And it is still very comfortable.

Join us for that long awaited trip to paradise. This is a private, tropical island sanctuary perfect for those looking to escape, relax and unwind, with amazing waves and daily yoga. I guarantee you will be amazed by this island location.

Sleep & Eat

With more staff than guests, This locataion is the best reviewed retreat in the Mentawai Islands. The hospitality, the service, the food, the location – it is all outstanding. With an emphasis on locally sourced fresh vegetables, fish, fruit and meats, as well as home baked breads and pastries, our experienced chef combines traditional and western recipes to create the most delicious meals.

Four traditionally inspired Bungalows are each uniquely designed using recycled timbers and driftwood. Each bungalow is setup to accommodate 2 people, for a total of 8 guests on the island at any one time. All have private bathrooms with running hot water and fans to help stay cool with Wifi in the main living area. The funky interior design incorporates hand built custom furniture, antique lighting and washed up fixtures from old Dutch fishing vessels. It is not a fancy luxury resort. It is an eco-retreat with a warm friendly family feel.  In fact, we feel honoured to have been invited by the legendary kind-hearted souls who have built and run this sanctuary.

The Yoga

We love a little Yoga and meditation, this trip is a little bit different than the others. There wont be any schedule or plan for yoga, instead, If you would like to do yoga we will work out a time and Kori Hahn will host a class. Kori is happy to work with you on yoga for surfing or any other needs

The focus of this trip will be on getting the best waves of your life, and the possibility of that is very real for ANY surfer out here.

The Surf

So you surf Right?  Almost every surfer dreams to surf out here once you see the photos of the perfection. The area hosts hundreds of beautiful, mechanical, perfect waves and a large variety of setups that can cater for all levels of surfing (sans beginners). We will be Situated on a small island, off the northern end of Sipora.  There are a number of world class waves we have access to over the 10 days, all within a short fun boat ride from home. We have compiled a brief glimpse of some well-known surf spots close by with many more secret spots that the guides know about.

Adventure & Culture

You will be amazed and rewarded by the people, scenery and way of life in this remote part of the world. Aside from all the surfing,  yoga and meditation, there is a host of other things to do on the island. You can go beachcombing, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, local sanpan (canoe) paddle, take out an SUP or enjoy a massage on request. But honestly, lets admit it, the hardest decision you have to make for the week is whether to surf, sleep, do yoga, meditate, eat or play.
Ahhhhh …. what a breath of fresh air that will be.

The Package

9 nights accommodation on our beautiful Mentawai Island

1 yoga and meditation class a day (optional) - The style is your choice

3 meals per day + smoothies, fresh young coconut, local tropical fruits, tea and coffee.

Local Surf guide knowledge and Surfing Transportation

Transfers from your Arrival at Padang airport out to the island and back.

The dedicated and caring host service of the the Staff and team throughout your stay.

We love to preserve our precious oceans, please bring your own water bottle to refill for free.

IDR 1,000,000 / approx $75 USD Mentawai surf tax (paid in Padang).

$10 departure tax.

Soda, Soft Drinks, Juices, Bottled beverages, Alcohol, Mixed Drinks, Beer.

Bottled drinking water. Please bring own bottle to refill

Transfers from your Arrival at Padang airport out to the island and back.

The dedicated and caring host service of the the Staff and team throughout your stay.

Spending a night on arrival in Padang is mandatory, Guest must arrive in Padang the day before their trip dates.

Deluxe Bungalow:


Max 2 people – double or twin beds

September 10-19, 2018

$2600 P/P

Guest Reviews

If you are a lover of the ocean, surfing, snorkeling, chillin, paradise, privacy, heaven, and food There literally is no better vacation you can take. Most people think of the Mentawai and think surfing. At Togat Nusa you have the best of all worlds. You can surf all day at various waves in the area, or simply lounge around the private island in the glorious ocean out front, in the main house living space, your private bungalow(that was nicer than my house), go out on the boat and chill in the ocean snorkeling, walk the beach, take a nap, geek out on the internet(yes they have wifi) or practice yoga. Fresh water showers and amazing home cooked HEALTHY meals 3x a day. Unlimited smoothies and coconuts.. I never wanted to leave and can not wait to go back. Do yourself a favour and make this your next destination spot.

Allyson S

“Waking up in the serene jungle setting, birds singing up the sun. Breakfast overlooking a perfect left, and rushing out to find myself out there alone wave after wave for hours on end! Ahhhh, barrels and surfing till u cant surf no more!!! Then when your arms turn to jelly snorkeling over the most breath-taking underwater garden of corals and tropical fish….. Watching the sunset during a relaxing walk/shell collecting around the island”

Belinda Baggs