Morocco Surf And Yoga Video

In March 2016, we finally made it to the shores of Morocco.  Karma was on our side, the swells arrived on the same day that most of our guests landed in the airport.  Ines Ambrosio, professional Portugese longboarder and Filipe Neto, the legendary filmmaker joined us for the week along with 10 beautiful and cheerful women in a small town south of the surfer’s paradise of Taghazout.  Of all the retreats I have run, we have never had a more diverse group of people.  I can also say, that I have never seen 10 complete strangers become friends and then family so quickly.  In every blog I have written on Morocco I write “Morocco, you are magic.”  Although nearly a year has passed, the feelings still are the same … Morocco, you indeed are magic.  Looking forward to seeing you again in March 2018.

Surf and Yoga Escape Taghazout Morocco from Santosha Society on Vimeo.