Karson Lewis

Stylie Lady Slider and Smiley Surf Coach.

Karson’s ability to ride waves with incredible grace and style at the ripe age of 20 has everyone in the longboard industry keeping a keen eye on her.  The legendary surfboard shapers, Bing Surfboards and her local surf shop, Sweetwater Surf Shop, are proud to have her in their families. In the beginning, I just wanted Karson to give me private lessons because to be honest I want to surf like her.  Then it dawned on me.  We all want to surf like Karson.

Karson grew up in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  She started surfing soon after she learned to walk and hasn’t stopped since.  By 11 years old she was already teaching surfing to friends and family, before finally being picked up by Ocean Isla Surf Academy where she has taught surfing for nearly 7 years.    

She is as stylie as she is smiley.  With dreams of traveling the world, she is off to a great start because she will be joining us in Sri Lanka this November to offer coaching and guiding to our guests.  Footloose and fancy free, Karson is more than ready to jump into this gypsy life that we all love.   See you in paradise Karson! 

“Surfing and the ocean are my ultimate passions.  Sharing these passions with other people is what puts a smile on my face at the end of the day”  ~ Karson Lewis~