Epsiode 24 – The Difference between Falling and Rising into Love

Epsiode 24 – The Difference between Falling and Rising into Love

The Soul Sessions - Episode 1

How to feel healthy and soul connected in a loving relationship? We must stop thinking that romantic relationships are something we fall into, losing control and surrendering our entire selves.  In turn, we must learn to rise into love – staying connected to ourselves through the entire journey.

In this episode, Kori discusses the old, unhealthy perspective on love (falling) vs. the new, healthy soul-connected way to be in a romantic relationship (rising). This is a must-listen-to if you are currently going through a breakup, desiring a new love, or struggling to be happy exactly where you are – single or together.

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Show Notes:

Alan Watts says “Love is an act of surrender to another person.  Total abandonment.  I give myself to you.  Take me.  Do anything you like with me.  So you see that’s quite a ma because you see. It’s letting things get out of control.  All sensible people keep things in control.”

I encourage you to consider your perspective on romantic relating.  Our society and all the Disney movies we watched growing up have given us the idea that ideal love is to fall in love.  Even just the word “falling” is a faulty and disillusioned approach to relating with others.   For many of us, this self-abandonment pattern is deeply ingrained in our consciousness, but I would like to challenge you to consider instead of a philosophy of rising into love by staying true to yourself, your soul, and your own unique soul path for your human life.

To realize that there isn’t “one” for us but many.  To consider that everyone has their own unique soul path allows people to come and go as they need and more important as you need.  To ask yourself each and every day, how can I support myself more?  How can I support my own mental health and general wellbeing more?  Is this relationship supporting my soul journey?

We all have our own unique soul journey, and often times we distract ourselves to relationships rather than facing our own insecurity wounds, rather than listening to our own intuition and soul guidance and living from that.

The key to rising into love is we must prioritize choosing ourselves.  We must learn to be present in our lives as it is today, not yesterday or tomorrow, but today. How can we continue growing ourselves, and see relationships as catalysts to show us just exactly how.

Our goal in our soul journey is not to have a lifelong marriage, it is to connect to your soul.  To live your soul’s purpose.



People / Resources Mentioned:


  • Alan Watts “Rising into Love”

  • Yung Pueblo “Clarity and Connection”


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