Episode 9 – How we use relationships to grow with Connie Biesalski

Episode 9 – How we use relationships to grow with Connie Biesalski

The Soul Sessions Podcast
What role do relationships play in our spiritual path?  Why do we sometimes convince ourselves that we need our relationships to last forever? Why do we stay when we are constantly deep down wanting to leave?  How do we use our relationships to grow our souls?
In this episode of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori invites her best friend author/ entrepreneur and breathwork facilitator, Conni Biesalski to have a conversation about relationships and soul growth.  If you are struggling in your relationships or going through a break up,  Tune in to this episode.  I was made for you and It’s a good one!
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Show Notes:

Conni and Kori talk about their most recent healing journeys diving into their shadows and inner wounds which have been ripped open with their breakups.  Let Kori and Conni help you understand how our relationships are apart of our spiritual paths. You will begin to see how your struggles (whether you are currently in a relationship or on a newfound solo-journey).  Take your time and soak your ears deep into this one.


“As long as you are focusing on your own personal dharma path.  Whether relationships are ongoing or ending matters not.”


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

5:00 – Why do breakups hurt so bad?

10:00 – Creating more conscious relationships rather than passively falling into it. 

12:00 – 4 life stages of our spiritual growth (as explained in Hinduism).

20:00 – “We have to realize our spiritual path is not dependent on us finding love in a romantic relationship.”

22:00 – The space and energy a toxic relationship take up.

25:00 – Kori using music as medicine to fill hear void. 

30:00 – The universe opening up for Kori after the breakup. 

38:00 – Making relationships work to be your greatest you. 

44:00 – Stay connected to your Northstar through the relationships and you can never lose yourself in a relationship. 

People / Resources Mentioned:

  • Mark Groves @createthelove Boundaries Course


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