Episode 7 – A Loving Kindness Meditation

Episode 7 – A Loving Kindness Meditation

The Soul Sessions - Episode 1
Need more compassion in your life?  We all do!  Compassion and forgiveness are essential virtues when it comes to loving yourself and resolving all resentments with others so you can live a happy life with more love and cheer with others.
This Buddhist Meditation is based on loving-kindness and it one of the greatest ways to fill your heart with more love, kindness and compassion.
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Show Notes:

Based on the Buddhist practice of Metta (loving kindness) Meditation,  Kori guides you to offer loving kindness to you, someone you love, someone who is neutral to you and someone you are having difficulty with.  This meditation is especially helpful if you are dealing with resentment, relationship problems, self-loathing, shame or difficulty forgiving so you can love yourself more.


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