Episode 23 – Moving from the disconnect to Connection with Marieke Kouwenhouwen

Episode 23 – Moving from the disconnect to Connection with Marieke Kouwenhouwen

The Soul Sessions - Episode 1
 When you feel stuck and stagnant, how do you return back to thriving?
In this episode of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori talks about when life feels downright hard.  Why do we have to go through these moments of hardship such as grief, heartache, stress, overwhelm, depression, and anxiety? And how can we move through them peacefully?  Kori talks about how disconnected from herself and the world she feels with her best friend Marieke Kouwenhoven, a Bali-based Kundalini activation expert and Ayurvedic Practitioner.
How do we move from the disconnect to the connection?  We must support ourselves and find our community of women.  Find out more.  Listen!
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Moving from the disconnect to connection.  There seems to be a pandemic happening bigger than Covid which is a massive disconnect not only with ourselves but the world around us also.

In this episode, Kori is joined by her best friend, business partner, and Ayurvedic practitioner Marieke Kouwenhouwen to talk about this deep struggle of disconnect many of us are moving through.

After two years sitting alone in Sri Lanka, Kori talks about her struggle with loneliness, codependency, and dark night of the soul and how she is finding her way back to lightness.  And Marieke always brings more light and awareness into every room she enters (or podcast).  This is one of the best podcast episodes of them all!

This is part 4/4 of the Self Healer’s Series.

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