Episode 21 : Self Healing with Ayurveda – Marieke Kouwenhouven

Episode 21 : Self Healing with Ayurveda – Marieke Kouwenhouven

The Soul Sessions - Episode 1
 When you feel stuck and stagnant, how do you return back to thriving?
In this episode of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Marieke Kouwenhowen leads a workshop on how to use Ayurveda to Self Heal.  She explains the different energetics that live within each of us and explains to us how to the key to healing is different for everyone. This is the second podcast in our series on Holistic Healing.
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Show Notes:

Life, indeed, is not a bed of roses. We must learn healing techniques and tools in order to minimize our innate suffering and to find our own unique path of calm and peace.

In this episode, Marieke Kouwenhowen teaches us how to integrate Ayurveda into our life by first realizing our energetic make up.  There are five energetics in Ayurveda – Marieke explains them all and shows why certain tools and rituals might work for one person and not another, because we all have a different make up (called “dosha”).

When we start to see ourself through Ayurveda, we can choose a lifestyle that suits us and helps us to balance the turbulence.  This is a must-listen-to episode.  Part 2 of our Self Healing Series.

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