Episode 20 – Yoga and The Layers of Our Humanness

Episode 20 – Yoga and The Layers of Our Humanness

The Soul Sessions - Episode 1

In this episode Kori explains the conscious layers of our humanness.  We are made up of all these different layers, and once we see ourselves in parts, its easier to create a more fulfilling whole.  This one is all about YOGA!

Kori breaks down how yoga explains our human body with layers (koshas)  – physical, mental, emotional, energetic, intuitive, neurological beliefs, and so on…

Kori shares how by seeing each layer on its own helps has helped her to  heal certain imbalances in certain layers. She now even creates rituals for the particular layer, or struggle, she needs.  For example, if you are struggling in the mind – you would choose a mind calming ritual.  If you are struggling with confidence, you perhaps might start practicing a tantric dance a few times a way.  There are a million rituals we can use to help ourselves feel more whole and healthy within ourselves.  In this episode, Kori goes into exactly how this will work.

To learn to heal yourself holistically, you first must know what to heal.  By seeing your body through these layers – I hope to give you a new perspective of who you are! The yogi’s perspective.  This episode is promoting Koris upcoming Yoga and Ayurveda 6 month Program starting March 22, 2022.

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Show Notes:

In this episode Kori explains the layers of our humanness, or consciousness as the yogis might say.  By seeing these layers individually, observing them for what they are, and then creating rituals to support each layer, you develop a well-rounded personalized yoga practice for yourself.

Most people’s yoga practice begins in the physical and the breath/energy layer.  But we can use yoga to deepen our awareness into our emotional and nervous bodies as well as our intuitive and deep soul body.

They should teach this stuff in school.  Its might boggling we are just learning how to do this now!  START NOW!

I started using these layers and seeing them and un-attaching from them.” – Kori Hahn

“If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

4:00 – Kori guides listeners to connect with the physcial layer of the body with a mini meditation.

7:00- “Sometimes we are so busy in the doing and becoming in this validation race, but all we have to do is let it be easier.” 

8:35  – Emotional Layer of Our Humanness.

9:42 And learning emotional regulation.

10:42 – Our thoughts/beliefs/neurological patterns and belief layer. and the exploration of trauma and shadow work 

12:30 “When we see our neurological layer doing the same unconscious thing, and doing it for reasons we don’t even know, we can accept that too. this is where the real work happens.  this is where most of our suffering lives, create emotions, make us breath a certain way and create pain in the physical body.”

13:25 – The soul layer, underneath this layer of beliefs of how the the world works, is the reality that we know only that everything is a mystery.”  

14:20 – If we can learn to relax, observe and accept each layer as it is, and take steps to move closer to our soul. (16:37) we free ourselves.

15:20 – People who are soul connected – Einstein, Mother Theresa, Buddha.  Spread a ripple.

17:54 – How seeing layers helps us to create new relationships with people too.

18:25 – I am the one in charge of all these layers of my humanness.

19:23 – the greatest thing about observing all these layers of you, it will naturally kinda transform.

20:00 – we can learn not to let one or more of these layers to rule our life anymore. and thats where the freedom comes from.

22:24 –  the astrological layer. helped me learn to love myself.

22:30 – Read my book Rituals of the Soul and learn these basics.  learn the basics of philosophy, and you will see your truth so much clearer.  Knowing my astrological natal chart has helped me gain confidence for my superpower, speaking and writing.

24:00 – Kori talks about her upcoming program to dive into these layers using Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology.  To get to know our truth and let it be easy.

26:20 – Depths of the Soul Meditation mention.

People / Resources Mentioned:

  • Goenka Vipassana

  • Rituals of the Soul  p106 “Depth of Our Soul” Meditation.


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