Episode 2 – Sound Healing With Amber Riya

Amber Riya
Have you ever had a song that you listened to on repeat because it related so much to what you are feeling?
In this episode of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori has her favorite spiritual musician, Amber RIya, as a guest on the show.   The girls discuss all things dream-chasing, healing, sound therapy, the power of music, life as a creative entrepreneur, and so much more. The episode ends with Kori‘s favorite song of Amber’s Guru Strotram. Tune in now to this episode and you will never listen to music in the same way again.
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Show Notes:

Amber Riya is a lover of conscious music that opens the mind and sets the heart on fire to ever higher frequencies of devotion to the One. A musician and yogi in one, it is her highest joy to share sacred music, ancestral songs and music for yoga and meditation.

Join Amber in this episode as she shares how she chased her dreams, leaving behind the comforts of home, a happy relationship with her sister, who is her best friend. And finding her truth in life and that is music, she heals by her own admittance, early on, she chose to pursue what the world expected her to be. But the turn of events led her to find what truly holds meaning to her life, and this we will find out why she finds comfort in the thought that she truly is where she belongs.

“My sister, who I used to be grieving, what relationship we used to have. We still have a relationship now but it’s different. We’ve had to kind of readjust and from grief, lot of healing can take place although it’s hard. It’s definitely very high and music is obviously for me, the best to deal with that healing.” – Amber Riya


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

07:29 – Talking about letting go and chasing her dreams and living life from the heart

13:22 – How does the first step of letting go feel like for her 

17:59 – What success is to her in terms of her music

21:35 – How does she use music to heal

35:16 – The body’s capacity to heal itself by way of music

41:51 – How to use voice sounds like mantras to evoke emotion and sound waves in the body to bring you in a meditative state

47:46 – Her trance-like state experiences in Morocco

53:46 – Talking about mantras, what is it

01:03:59 – A beautiful mantra song by Amber Riya is being played on

People / Resources Mentioned:


  • Danielle LaPorte

  • Rebecca Campbell

  • Louis Hayes

  • Jordan Peterson

  • Gabby Giffords

  • Snatam Kaur

  • Fiona Apple

  • When The Pawn Album by Fiona Apple


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