Episode 1 – My Greatest Transformation

The Soul Sessions - Episode 1
In this episode, the first-ever of The Soul Sessions Podcast, Kori begins by intimately sharing why she started this podcast and how freaking excited she is to share so many subjects that are deeply important to her. Her deep desire to discuss meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, soul growth, manifestation and dream chasing is why she decided to start this big and slightly overwhelming project.  But aren’t all big dreams a little intimidating in the beginning?  In this first episode, Kori shares a little bit about who she is, where she is from and the journey that she now considers to be her greatest transformation of all time!  Kori went from living in a yurt in the Alaskan wilderness to a sandy little beachfront bungalow in Sri Lanka learning to surf.  She left her 8-year relationship, a paid-for house, and a really good job to chase a dream to see more and be more.  And that dream has led her on an incredible journey to start a business, marry a surfer/artist boy, become a mother and well, become a podcast host.  This is episode one for a reason.  It is not to be missed!
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Show Notes:

Are you curious about the meaning of life, the purpose of your soul, and want to learn what your spiritual path is?

Kori Hahn had come a long way to transforming her life from that of a crying soul in the bathroom floors from the so-called dream life she had back then in Alaska. She left a life of comfort and safety, as well as an 8-year relationship to find the one most dream of her life – meaning, and happiness.

She never had it easy, she went on being alone and traveling places, learning surfing, meditating and doing Yoga. And in the course of living life each day by her lonesome, she finally realizes that her intuition was indeed telling her to pursue her dream not from that dreamy house in Alaska but right at the heart of Bali, where she found her husband. At the heart of Sri Lanka where she runs a Yoga retreat house, a dream fulfilled which she used to just keep all along in the recesses of her heart for the longest time. And of which, has come to fruition when she finally decided to let go.

Take time to head on to this episode and get to know Kori as she shares her story of chasing her dreams and her transformation to living the life she truly wants.

“Our intuition is the key to using our human life for our soulful purpose.” – Kori Hahn


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

02:36 – Her transformation from a heartbroken soul to a happy wife and mother

04:07 – An adventure of a lifetime, where it all began

09:00 – The onset of her depression and how Yoga saved her

11:25 – The realization, finally setting herself free

15:12 – Starting to act on her intuition

19:43 – Spending time by herself and getting a job

21:57 – Heading to Sri Lanka and spending valuable time there for 6 months

23:03 – That time in Bali and finding the love of her life

25:49 – Of a happy life and of fulfilled dreams

27:03 – Finding meaning in her life through Yoga and becoming an author

31:39 – What is this podcast for and why be excited about it

32:45 – Intuition and why she stresses it every time


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