Episode 5 – All Things Ayurveda with Marieke Kouwenhoven

The Soul Sessions Podcast

What is Ayurveda?  And more importantly, how can you use to become healthier and happier?  In this episode, Marieke Kouwenhoven, renowned Ayurveda practitioner and yoga teacher, joins us to explore what Ayurveda is and how you can start incorporating it into your life today! If getting healthy is your priority, this episode should not be missed.

Find out how to use this holistic approach to connect with your healthiest and happiest!

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All Things Ayurveda With Marieke Kouwenhoven


There is a lot of disconnects in the world today. And human beings have been in constant search for ways with which to bring them back to their core. Oftentimes, life just seems to be so heavy for us, we don’t know where to get the energy to pull us out from. Depression and anxiety creep in at times when we’re not even aware of it, only to realize we are manifesting those symptoms. All these emotions that we feel and absorb take a toll on us. And since we are one whole person, the tendency is for it to affect other parts of our self. That’s why we need a holistic approach to keeping our sanity back and intact. What better topic to delve into other than Ayurveda. It has a holistic approach that encompasses all areas of your body from food, exercise, mental fitness, and the right attitude and approach to what you are going through at the moment. An optimal level of mind-body connection has to be achieved.


Marieke Kouwenhoven is one expert to talk about the subject of Ayurveda. She studied International Communications and Spanish and went on to land a PR job. Little did she know, she didn’t like where she was. After working for some time, she finally resigned and found herself becoming a full-time Yoga teacher and opportunities opened for her to meet a well-respected Ayurveda practitioner with whom her knowledge and expertise on this discipline she owed. From then on, the rest is history. It is now part of her life as much as it is what she does every day, helping other people getting back to their core. 


“That’s why Ayurveda doesn’t just deal with food or just deal with the mind but takes everything into account because we cannot fix one without the other. Always, if you would go to your Ayurvedic practitioner or you’re interested in learning more, we have to look at everything, nothing is separate from each other.” – Marieke Kouwenhoven


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

05:14 – The joys of motherhood and how she got into yoga

09:11 – What was it like leaving a corporate job and becoming a Yoga teacher

13:34 – How to use postures in yoga

17:56 – Understanding Ayurveda

21:11 – How do the different elements of Ayurveda work in our life

25:30 – How Ayurveda works in our daily diet

27:13 – Why Ayurveda focuses at digestion

30:14 – What is “brain-gut” combination

32:40 – Where does Ayurveda come in to play in anxiety and depression

40:37 – Why Ayurveda and Yoga go together

49:30 – How do we connect with our body and the need to do it

55:08 – Early morning detoxifying tips and practices 

01:01:02 – Who can benefit from Ayurveda

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