Vera Nording

Surf Instuctor & Soul Surfer


There’s something about Vera Nording… Swedish Surfer/ Musician/ Mermaid. She rides for Monster Surfboards, models for Billabong Sweden, and most recently worked with Rip Curl School of Surf in Bali.  She is stunningly beautiful, but so much more than just a beautiful face.  She is a ripping surfer, motivated traveller, animal activist and experienced surf coach. She is optimistic, inspiring, funny and full of charisma.

I met Vera in Sri Lanka a year ago, where we tied our longboards on top of a tuk tuk and went exploring. What we found was a country full of empty waves and a friendship that will last a lifetime. We said goodbye in Sri Lanka, only to say hello a few weeks later in Bali.  In Bali, I spent countless hours in the water with this graceful nose-riding mermaid. She was my long boarding mentor, guiding me in the challenging waves surrounding the tropical island. She has a very sweet, gentle way of teaching that motivates you to paddle back out there and do it again, but this time better.

“She’s a young girl with strength, optimism and a driving passion for surfing”
~ Mermaid Society

Vera is from Sweden, where spine-tingling waters and windy waves led her on a magical journey to become a girl of the sea. When talking to the The Mermaid Society about surfing in Sweden, Vera explains “As long as the water doesn’t freeze we surf. Last year I was out the week before Christmas the air temp was about 10 degrees Celcius, the sun was shining the water was about zero degrees.” She might be stylish and fashionable, but that by no means makes her too girly to get out there and do super rad things.

She rides for Monster Surfboards, a Spanish board shaping company. With 2 new boards that are both 9’2 classic single fin, log style nose riders, watching her surf any longboard is truly mesmerizing.  The girl has style.

She is not only an inspiration in the water, but in her drive to help others. She is on the board of Udda, a youth depression organisation that provides mentoring for young people that have been through or are experiencing difficult times. The organization’s aim is to remove the tabu of depression and mental illness for youth in Sweden.   They are a support group for those in need. While living in Bali we talked about her own depression and ways of fighting it. One way is to help others fight depression through this organization. She has dreams to start a retreat center to support people in their fight against this widespread epidemic in the future.  We believe in your dream too.

Vera travels over the world surfing. We are lucky enough to have her as apart of the Society where she will join some of our escapes. If you get the opportunity to spend time in the water with this lady sliding legend, we suggest you take it. Not only will you surf better, but you will laugh louder and your heart will shine brighter because of it. Vera, we love you.

INSTAGRAM: @veranording