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A Soulful Surf & Yoga Trip to the South of France

September 8-14, 2019

Waves, wine and culture are just a few of the reason we are headed to the Basque region of France. A gastronomical trip designed for the spiritual, the surfers and the sippers, this trip has been planned with more care for detail than any others we offer. I can assure you there is nothing else like it on the market. Are you ready?

We have designed this trip predominately for surfing as well as the soul. Surfing will get the priority of our precious calm mornings, while the afternoons are reserved for soulful yoga sessions.

The Destination & Culture

We will be settling down in the dreamy little hilltop town of Guethary / Bidart. Overlooking the atlantic ocean and short hop, skip and a jump from the glittered hub of Biarritz, there is no shortage of waves, walks, and wanderings within a few kilometers from the villa.  It is hands down the cutest village in the area.  Ideally located just south of Biarritz making it convenient to the airport.

Biarritz has been a favorite beach getaway since the days of Napoleon III in the mid 19th century and it still draws a crowd of sun seeking beach goers.   Half ritzy coastal resort town and half summer surfers’  hang out, Biarritz and its surroundings have a bit of everything for everyone. The area is lined with elegant villas, heritage listed residences, quintessential coffee and surf shops, making it one of the most culturally rich surf destinations in the world. 

To the South, just across the Spanish border is the beautiful town of  San Sebastian.  Framed by golden beaches and lush hillsides, has a justly deserved reputation as one of the world’s great dining destinations.  Still referred to by her basque name “Donostia,” San Sebastian retains her Basque Spanish We will cruise down to San Sebastian one night for a dinner on the town!  When it comes to beautiful and cultural  towns, San Sebastian has always been one of my favourites.

The Villa

Our home for the week will be a spacious hacienda style villa just a short skips from the beach of Anglet, south of Biarritz.  The villa has a spacious garden with plenty of room to lounge around with a book or a friend.   Unless weather dictates differently, yoga sessions will held in the large and stunning outside garden in the afternoons.  (photos and more details coming very soon).  

The Yoga

Besides spending our days searching out waves, going on romantic walks and sipping on fine wines in the evening, we will still make time to nurture our spirit.  Our french getaway will  be designed for surfers as far as the daily schedule is concerned, but there will still be daily  opportunities to come together to relax, stretch, meditate and dive into the depth of our soul through two Magic and Manifestion Soul Sessions.   We will begin each day with meditation before heading out in search for waves. 

In the evening Kori Hahn will be guiding you through various different intuitive yoga practices such as yoga nidra, yin yoga, vinyasa flow, Trust Your Gut Sequence, and Restorative Yoga.   Two of the early afternoons, I will be introducing two brand new Soul Session workshops.  In these workshops will be designed a picture of what you want your life to look like.  More than just that, we will be getting much more specific on how you will create it.  Sound magical?  I think it will be!  The most exciting part of all, all the yoga teachings and workshops will be based on my most recent work of art, my recently released book  “The Definitive Guide to Intuitive Yoga.”  which you will receive on the first day of the retreat to aid in your magical week of waves and wine. 

A great big bonus if joining this retreat if that you are supporting a beautiful karma yoga project just by nurturing yourself for the week.. From the proceeds of this retreat, we will donate one high-quality modular prosthetic limb kit for a child with a limb disability living in the developing work. Find our more about our karma yoga project  by (clicking here).

The Surf

The Basque region of France is a dream destination for surfers from all over the world.   From the barrel happy town of Hossegor to the gentle lady sliding waves of Bidart, the surfing options are absolutely limitless.  There are waves everywhere, for all abilities and all board types. We believe late summer is the most magical time of year to visit the area. as this is when the sun-seeking tourists finally return home yet the warm sunny days linger on.  

Imagine floating in the Atlantic ocean waiting for your wave,  looking back to land and seeing the stunning  Pyrennese mountains in the distance and a castles jetting out of the water to your left.  Sounds amazing, right?  It is.  We are based in Guethary because there are two main long boarding spots in town, Cenitz and Lafitenia.  But we will wander, as we always do.  And depending on the swell and the winds, we will explore the areas to the north and the south as best we can in our week together.  

The Food

When in France, one must eat as much as possible.   We will be joined by renowned plant based chef (and absolutely sweetheart) Diana Ferreira for the week.  Diana will  be curating our daily meals which will include French-style breakfasts, photographic and delectable lunch platters,  French and Portuguese themed dinners as well as  a sweet slice of heaven to send us to sleep full and satisfied.

We will have one day reserved for an independent lunch outing so you can finally test out that cafe you have been eyeing all week.  And we will be heading to San Sebastian for one night to tour the towns tapas and txakoli bars.

The Pays Basque area which spills over into the north of Spain has incredible food and wine from the vineyards of Bordeaux to the restaurants of San Sebastian which is home to more Michelin Star restaurants than any other European city.  Thats why we wanted to leave a little room for exploration. 

Adventure & Culture

As far as things to do, how about tasting chocolate in the cultural capital of Bayonne?  Explore the many picturesque countryside one-street villages and sample local produce from the farmers market in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Visit San Sebastian, renowned for its culture, superb gastronomy and stunning coastline. Head north to Capbreton to explore the farmed pine forests, endless sand dunes and cute surf towns.

“From the day I started this venture of organizing dreamy surf and yoga trips to magical destinations, I always knew I would return to the southwest corner of France. For me, it has been absolute magic every time I come here. Something about the fairytale castles, the gentle seas, and the air of romanticism makes it the perfect place for to dive into my favourite subject of dreams! What more does an adventure-seeking surfer girl need from a dream vacation?
– Kori Hahn

The Package

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September 8-14, 2019

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