Girl’s surf and yoga trip to G-land

Into the Jungle At Bobby’s Surf Camp
OCT 16th – 22nd

The Destination

The surf spot we all know as Grajagan or G-Land is the eastern fringe of Grajagan Bay on the southeast corner of the island of Java, Indonesia. In a large jungle preserve called Alas Purwo National Park, G-Land offers an unforgettable adventure experience for all level of surfers (except first timers). If you aren’t a surfer at all, feel free to join for a little jungle, yoga, and ocean enthusiasm anyhow.

The surf is incredible, but more than just that, there are other rewards out here in the jungle. Stunningly beautiful and in the heart of the jungle, Fiona Peters has been returning here year after year because she whole heartedly loves it. Fiona will join us for the week not only as a well-seasoned G-Land visitor but as a professional photographer.  She will capture the week adventure from the water as well as from shore.

You can still walk around G-Land for hours without seeing another human. Although it is primarily a boy’s surf destination, we couldn’t think of anything more fun than having a girl gang to experience this magic part of Indonesia together.  So grab the girls and lets go!

The Accommodation

Bobby’s Surf Camp is an outpost of civilization on the edge of a wild jungle and beautiful reef. After more than 30 years of operation, the G-land facilities have been upgraded from being the first place to stay into a truly first class accommodation. Make no mistake, you are in the jungle, but you are comfortable and safe. We are offering three options for this surf trip, standard, deluxe and superior, you can decide on the style of accommodation you want for the week.  Please know that we will not have the entire place to ourselves.  We will have a section of the surf camp for us.  The thing is, where you would be hard pressed to find another female companion the week before, this week we will have a little posse, a girl gang!

The Standard option has a mosquito net and a fan cooled. Its the most rustic option yet still very nice considering you are in the jungle.

The Deluxe option is a 2-story bungalow that has an en-suite cold-water bathroom which is quite refreshing in the tropical heat. A lounge space on the 1st floor and an air-conditioned sleeping quarters and open-aired balcony on the 2nd floor.

The Superior Option is the largest bungalow complete with an en-suite hot water bathroom, mini-refrigerator, hot water kettle, SAT TV and DVD player, and air-conditioned sleeping quarters. If you are accustom to some simple comforts or traveling with a non-surfing companion, this is the way to go.
*king-size beds are available for couples and all options include mosquito nets and a cleaner.


Bobby’s surf camp have remained focused on keeping the meals both nutritious and exciting. We offer 3 breakfast menu’s and approximately 25 choices for lunch. Dinner is a choice of either a rotating International main course menu or anything from the lunch menu. The kitchen staff are known throughout the jungle to have great food that is prepared fresh and to your liking. The food will ultimately keep you feeling healthy and refreshed through your sessions in the ocean, on the yoga mat, or in the hammock.
We can adapt all cuisine to suit your dietary requirements, allergies and preferences.



One of the most famous surf breaks in the world, G-Land has been featured in nearly every single surf publication that has ever existed. G-Land’s main wave is postcard perfect and not for the faint of heart. The main reef of Grajagan Bay has a handful of breaks for the most experienced of surfers, the chargers. The thing is, there are a lot more breaks on the inside of the Bay that most don’t even know about, and even better yet, rarely surf. These waves range in style from small sloped-out long-board waves to trestles-like performance waves.

A very long, world-class, barreling left hand reef/point break breaks along the east side of Grajagan Bay. It has long been considered one of the world’s best left hand waves. The correct name of the point upon which the main wave breaks is “Plengkung.” The wave becomes shallower and more critical the further down the point one rides the wave. It is one of the most consistently rideable waves in the world in season, with offshore tradewinds and often plentiful swell between the months of, roughly, mid April to mid October.  It is a place every surfer dreams to watch, if not surf.

The G-Land surf break has been divided up into several sections. The first, at the top of the point, is called “Kongs,” which breaks up to several hundred metres in length, and can hold quite large sizes. It is not usually a barrel, nor genuinely world-class, but more a series of takeoff zones with some long wall sections, although it can also barrel on occasions.  This section picks up a lot of swell, rarely less than 3 feet, and is a saviour when the rest of the point is too small. Then there is Money trees, Speedies, and Launching Pads in the same area of the bay.

There are a few other, smaller waves further down and within the bay, such as “Chickens,” “20/20,” and “Tiger Tracks.”  Wait, there is more… Longtime G-Land surf guide, Michael Narchi, tells us “My first handful of years at g-land were mainly focused on the main section of the reef (2 km) but now i know…NOW I KNOW… there are so many waves inside of the bay (another 6 km of waves) that range in style from small sloped-out long-board waves to trestles-like performance waves.” So if you have any ocean-based fears about heavy waves, fret not, there’s something for everyone.

g-land_relaxing_girls surf yoga trip


We have a few amazingly unique and special yoga spaces to use for our week in the jungle. From a surf look-out tower with views of the entire bay to a wooden platform built on top of the reef for the low tide morning yoga sessions.

The jungle is always an inspiring and unforgettable healing space; perfect for yoga and meditation. Kori Hahn is joining along to support you for daily yoga and meditation sessions throughout the week. With a mixture of vinyasa flow style classes to healing yin/ restorative classes, you are sure to leave the week feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Since this trip is built for surfers, the yoga schedule will be flexible and based around the tide and winds. Not only that, the yoga will be based for surfers too with focused sessions on intercostals, shoulders and the lower back.  All yoga levels are welcome and we are happy to cater to your individual needs.

The thing about our retreats, if you are coming for yoga, then do yoga, but if you are coming to surf and are not inclined to stretch it out, thats fine too. We believe in living your dreams. So we want everyone to feel that they have the freedom and flexibility to do whatever it is you dream of doing.



We are heading into the jungle. The options of natural adventures are endless. The park’s name, Alas Purwo National Park, means first forest or ancient forest, in accordance with a Javanese legend that says the earth first emerged from the ocean here. Its a magical and natural paradise.

Surf, yoga, adventure, eat, read, snorkel, swim, jungle walks, beach walks, fishing and chill out with the monkeys and the birds. This is a week all about treating yourself. Treating yourself to good waves, yoga, bonding with other lady sliders who love laughing loud and adventuring wildly in a place that is certainly just that, wild. Calling all wild ones, the jungle awaits you!


By traveling the world, we see and learn things differently, growing as human beings and building our own self.
By playing in the ocean, we allow our tensions and worries to wash away with the tides.
By healing our bodies, minds and souls with yoga and meditation, we become healthy and happy.
We hope you will join us on this inspirational Jungle adventure.

The Package


Standard Bungalow:
$1040 p/p
Deluxe Bungalow:
$1220 p/p
Superior Private Villa:
$1400 p/p
Prices do not include flights.  The boat will leave from Kuta Beach early on October 16th, so fly into Denpasar, Bali before this time.  Then we will return to Kuta on the afternoon of October 22, 2o16.
All prices in USD

  • 6 nights accommodation at Bobby’s Surf Camp
  • 3 delicious wholesome meals a day
  • Daily yoga sessions specifically for surfers
  • Local Surf guide knowledge
  • Return 2 hour Boat transfer from Kuta beach in Bali
  • Lots of photos (in and out of the water) by legendary photographer Fiona Peters


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