Traveling Surfer’s Guide to Sri Lanka

Ceylon. Sri Lanka. Swaying in a hammock under a coconut tree,  this is how you relax in Sri Lanka.  After over a year traveling through and around this gorgeous country (this was written a few years ago now), this country is certainly one of my favorites.  If you are looking for an adventure full of colorful saris, speeding buses, picturesque tuk-tuks, wild elephants, spectacular surf, towering temples, beautiful …

Diana’s South Sri Lanka Favorites

dr. house madiha

Diana Basto Ferreira is a surfer.  And a chef.  Oh yea, she travels too.  So to sum it up, she is pretty much our dream girl.  Diana recently moved to the Southern coast of Sri Lanka to help our friends at Sunshine Stories open Weligama’s new hotspot Ceylon Slider’s Cafe. This is her travel advice for Southern Sri Lanka!  Definitely check out her beautiful blog …

Sri Lanka Surf and Yoga Retreat Video

sri lanka surf and yoga santosha society

This sweet video was made by photographer and filmmaker Philly Lewis who joined us in Sri Lanka last March for a week of surfing and yoga. The week was spent sleeping within earshot of the waves, underneath a field of towering palm trees, and eating three incredible Ayurvedic meals a day. We surfed perhaps Sri Lanka’s best surf breaks, made new friends and reconnected with old ones in …

Sri Lanka Women’s Surf Club

watura womens surf club sri lanka

 {Published on The Inertia) “Have you ever seen a local Sri Lankan female surfer?” I asked my friend, Ama, who rents surfboards from a tiny bamboo shack on Weligama beach.  “No, never,”  he replied.  “Why not?”  I asked.  “The men are scared something will happen to their daughters so the women never learn.” 

Lex Weinstein: Five Things to do in Sri Lanka

5 things to do in sri lanka surf and yoga

  { Reposted from Ember: The official Teva Blog } True adventure is not for the faint at heart. Sure, screensaver photographs and Pinterest boards look beautiful, but crossing thousands of miles of ocean and being fully immersed in the culture of a mysterious land is only the first step in the long and sometimes emotional journey of international travel.

Santosha Society’s First Sri Lanka Escape

{Featured Article for Outdoor UAE Magazine} Traveling the world is a dream to many.  Thoughts of seeing the most beautiful places, exploring exotic cultures and learning about the history and way of life in a land far from home are just a few of the reasons I have found myself living on the road for the past 15 years.  In the beginning I loved the …

Vegan Gypsy: Vilia’s culinary experience at our Sri Lanka Escape

santosha sri lanka surf and yoga

{ Blogpost from}.   My first Retreat ~ Santosha Society’s Sri Lanka Surf &Yoga Escape Wow, what an amazing experience! Feeling really blessed to be part of Santosha Society’s first Yoga and Surf Retreat in Sri Lanka, organized by the lovely Kori Hahn. Hi! My name is Vilia and I am currently traveling the world  trying to constantly feed my body with exotic vegan food and my mind …