Kori Hahn

Yoga Instructor & Worldly Wanderer


Kori is a Yoga Alliance Certified yoga instructor and Government of India certified Ayurvedic massage therapist. Her two greatest loves are travel and yoga which have taken her worldwide throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. With a hungry heart for travel and exploration and a curious mind for wellness approaches and philosophies, she considers herself a “student” for life. She is passionate about Ayurveda, herbalism, naturopathy as well as global theology. Her dedication to Ashtanga and Yin Yoga give her a balanced approach to strengthening and healing the body. Yet she believes it is through meditation that the mind becomes more flexible. Kori’s retreats are designed to share her knowledge in a way that gives her students a sense of autonomy in their paths, immersing them in an ocean of wellbeing to take back to their everyday lives.

Kori’s self-study includes 10 years as an Ashtanga practitioner, 5 years practicing Hatha, and most recently 4 years practicing Yin yoga.  She is grateful for the time she has spent with some amazing renowned yoga teachers and the experience and knowledge they have passed down to her. Teachers she has studied extensively with are Dena Kingsberg (Byron Bay), Guy Donahue (NYC), Nancy Gilgoff (Maui, Hawaii), Cathy Louise Broda (Honolulu, HI),  Pepe Mas (Mallorca, Spain), Mark Robberds (traveling teacher) Tina Nance (Bali, Indonesia) among many others.

With over 500 hours of trainings, She is 300 hour Certified Yoga teacher in Ashtanga/Vinyasa and Yin Yoga through Yoga Alliance registered yoga schools, Sampoorna Yoga in Goa, India and the School of Sacred Arts based in Bali.   Recently she was certified in Yin Yoga. This training is a yin yoga approach to healing the body based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Meditation.  She has taken an Ashtanga Primary Series Adjustment Clinic with Nancy GIlgoff in Makawao, Hawaii, a Yin Yoga Level 1 Workshop with Mona Abter (Sunshine Yoga), and a Hormone Balancing Workshop with yoga therapist Tina Nance.  While pregnant recently (or as Pattabhi Jois calls it the 7th series of Ashtanga Yoga), she found herself immersing more into the self-care practices of Yoga Nidra, Bali Usada Healing Meditation, and Hypnotherapy Relaxation Methods.  She is a certified iRest teacher through Richard Miller’s Integrated Restoration Yoga Nidra Method and is certified in “Tata Brada 1” Balinese Healing Meditation Method.

Her meditation experience includes two 10-day silent Vipassana meditation intensives under the guidance of Goenka (India, USA), a 10 day Tibetan Buddhist meditation in Dharamasala, India as well as Theravada Buddhist Meditation Intensives at the International Meditation Center in Bodgaya, India and Wat Umong Meditation Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Most recently she attended a Vipassana Intensive in Kintimani, Bali, Indonesia as well as a Bali Usada week-long silent meditation in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

After 15 years of study, Kori founded Santosha Society, a community gathering place to share knowledge and experience.   “Practice, practice, practice and then teach” ~ the words passed from Pattabhi Jois to Nancy Gilgoff to Kori Hahn.  So this is what she is doing.  She organizes trips around the world using the tools she is fortunate to have gained that have enriched her life ~ surfing, yoga, meditation, eating well, friendship and travel.

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