Ines Ambrosio

Lady Slider, Artist and Inspirational Dreamer


Being around people that live passionately is the key ingredient to being inspired. Inspiration is the most powerful tool to being your greatest you. Ines Ambrosio is a girl that lives passionately not only as a professional surfer, but as an artist and photographer.

Ines comes from one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, Praia De Carcavelos, renowned for its reliable surf and soft golden sands. Although Ines is still very young, she knows what she wants to do and she does it well. Ines has made a name for herself as a successful artist and a graceful surfer.

“Being an artist for me is to be free.” Ines Ambrosio.

She is one of the up and coming surfer girls making her mark in a country known for some of the most amazing waves in the world. It didn’t take long for the folks at RVCA to ask Ines to join their team as an ambassador. Ines has a connection with the sea that so many of us mermaids can relate to.

“Surfing is my life. It is the balance of my passion. It is the most important thing and it guides me. When I am away from the sea, it seems I am away from myself.” Ines Ambrosio.

More than anything, she is a dreamer. She dreams of traveling. With a deep curiosity to see the rest of the world, she thrives more on the adventure of the journey than the final destination. I think this explains a lot about her.

We couldn’t be more excited to have this graceful beautiful mermaid, artist, photographer and lover of life joining us in Morocco this March 2016 to surf, stretch, be creative and explore a new exotic culture. She loves meeting others, and getting to know them through deep conversations. She loves hearing the stories of others and learning of their experiences. To her, it is the stories of others that are the most inspiring thing to her. Thats just what Santosha Society is all about too, bringing a group together to get inspired by one another. We are inspired by you Ines and are so happy to have you as part of the Santosha Society team!

Intsagram : @ines.ambrosio
Facebook : @ines.ambrosio.longboard