Sri Lanka Surf and Yoga Retreat Video

sri lanka surf and yoga santosha society

This sweet video was made by photographer and filmmaker Philly Lewis who joined us in Sri Lanka last March for a week of surfing and yoga. The week was spent sleeping within earshot of the waves, underneath a field of towering palm trees, and eating three incredible Ayurvedic meals a day. We surfed perhaps Sri Lanka’s best surf breaks, made new friends and reconnected with old ones in …

Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

breakdown help breakthrough anxiety depression

Lessons from the bottom of my broken heart A month ago, I could not even write. I was too broken. Everyday I would wake to the same unwanted reality. I was stuck at the bottom of a dark cold hole, deeply depressed. Getting out of bed took all the energy I had. Life became the opposite of the story I had worked so hard to create. Life seemed to …

Morocco Surf Trip

santosha society surf trip morocco

From the french seaside cafes in Essouira to the tiny wooden fishing boats in Imsouane.  The wind peels the bright colorful paint off the corners of buildings like bark from a tree.  The people are kind and the waves are good. Right hand point breaks can be found north and south of the humble little surfer’s haven of Taghazout.  Tajines are served in pipping hot clay pots and the …

Ayurvedic Self Healing

Alternative Herbal Medicine ayurveda yoga

{Published on Yoganonymous) Ayurvedic medicine is a practical science that evolved in India. In fact, the name “Ayurveda” derives from Sanskrit, meaning the “science of life.” If that sounds a little broad, it’s because it is. Ayurvedic medicine is all about creating a holistically healthy lifestyle striving to create harmony between the body, mind, and spirit.

A Guide to Balancing Your Hormones

hormone balancing yoga

{published on Yoganonymous}   Without women and their infamous hormones, we would live on a planet empty of humans.  Our hormones are a critical part of human existence, yet we really don’t hear much about them.  I am nearly 35 years old,  somewhere between my first period and my last.  The past two years, I have taken a deeper look into hormones, menstruation, menopause and …

Sri Lanka Women’s Surf Club

watura womens surf club sri lanka

 {Published on The Inertia) “Have you ever seen a local Sri Lankan female surfer?” I asked my friend, Ama, who rents surfboards from a tiny bamboo shack on Weligama beach.  “No, never,”  he replied.  “Why not?”  I asked.  “The men are scared something will happen to their daughters so the women never learn.” 

New Zealand Surf Trip

kori Hahn New Zealand - Photo Stuart smythe

It was too good not to blog about. Cyclone Vincent made his wild appearance to the shores of New Zealand on the same day our flight landed.  If cyclones have a gender, I am going to say this one was a man.  He was big, rough and mean, yet he delivered a swell that stuck around for our entire trip, and for that we thank you Cyclone …

Lex Weinstein: Five Things to do in Sri Lanka

5 things to do in sri lanka surf and yoga

  { Reposted from Ember: The official Teva Blog } True adventure is not for the faint at heart. Sure, screensaver photographs and Pinterest boards look beautiful, but crossing thousands of miles of ocean and being fully immersed in the culture of a mysterious land is only the first step in the long and sometimes emotional journey of international travel.

A yin yoga teacher training worth raving about

Long brown mermaid hair, chunky gold arm bangles, and massive hoop earrings enhance her natural goddess-like appearance. “Her presence fills the room with encouragement and inspiration” is how she was described to me long before I knew her.  She teaches yoga with a focus on consciously unraveling the body-mind connection through guided awareness.  Strong yet humble, whole-heartedly devoted yet completely down to earth, she is …