About Santosha Society

The days leading up to Santosha Society…

Hello, my name is Kori.  This nomadic life of mine began when I was 20 years old. With a trunk full of belongings, I drove north nonstop for 7 days.  Little did I know I was on an adventure that would last a lifetime. When I arrived in Alaska, I knew I had made it home. I instantly fell in love with the crisp air, wild animals, and vast wilderness.

In the summers, I found work on the oceans as a trained wilderness guide and boat captain. My time spent guiding in Alaska’s nature brought me so much joy. I fell in love with introducing travelers to a corner of the world I loved more than anywhere else. To me, this was the most amazing place on Earth and how lucky was I to be their guide into such an incredible and unchartered world.

As summer seasons came to an end, I ventured out into the world with a tiny backpack and a heart full of exploration. I never looked back. For the past 12 years, I have travelled. The more I travel, the more I learn; the more i learn, the more I want to see; the more I see, the more grateful I become for the life I am lucky enough to live.

I rode the train from China through Tibet, floated the Mekong River through Laos, ate my way through Vietnam, motorcycled between minefields to ancient ruins in Cambodia, hiked through the majestic mountains of Nepal, and swam in the crystal clear waters of Thailand’s most stunning beaches. I found a spiritual life in India where I bounced and bumped my way by rail south, eventually ending up in Sri Lanka. I hitchhiked and bused my way through Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras Costa Rica and Panama. Then I jumped on a sailboat and sailed through the Caribbean to get back to the States. I have lived like an African, popping on and off public transportation through Kenya,Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa.  Lets just say, I wholeheartedly love this life on the road.  I am a gypsy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kori hahn yoga teacher and worldly wanderer
Kori Hahn Yoga

From the mosques of Turkey to the churches of Mexico City, I have learned so much from these journeys. A worldly wander can only evolve into a spiritual pilgrimage. Traveling has not only made me a more adaptable and open minded person, it has given me confidence to do things that I would have never thought possible. Traveling has introduced me to things I love, that I would not have known otherwise, like Ayurveda, Tibetan Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Hinduism, various types of yoga & meditation and most recently surfing. These things have transformed me, making my life richer and happier.

The last few years, I found myself on a journey of self-exploration and personal growth. I moved to Sri Lanka for 6 months, exploring the coastline from east to west, surfing all day and filling my belly with rice and curry at night.Through this period of personal exploration, the same question came up time and time again. What are you passionate about that you can offer the world?  From Sri Lanka, I made my way to Bali, the Island of the Gods.  Surrounded by amazingly creative and determined people, I finally found the support I needed to actually make my dreams a reality.

sri lanka surf and yoga santosha society

The dream of Santosha Society was born. After all those miles, it is now clear to me that I should share my favorite destinations with those who dream to see the best of the world. It only seems natural to share my favorite life-changing activites, surfing, yoga and meditation, as these are the most healing practices I know.  I want to do more than offer a week of yoga and surfing.  I want to offer long-lasting memories with big hearted, likeminded humans.  I could keep traveling alone, but why would I when I can share these magical moments with inspiring, passionate, genuinely amazing people.

Santosha Society

What we offer?

We organize intimate boutique travel adventures for surf explorers, yoga lovers, and wanderlusters. We believe travel is more than just seeing a destination. It is learning from a new culture, indulging in exotic cuisine and experiencing vibrantly colorful locals.  Our trips are to stunning destinations, eating amazing food, soaking in saltwater, relaxing and rejuvenating the mind, and at the same time connecting with lovely like-minded people. We want you to go home from a grand adventure with a greater sense of self and a calmer mind.

Santosha Society’s aim is to see the world in all of its glory while inspiring you at the same time.  Each of our trips offer you time on the yoga mat with an inspirational yoga and meditation teacher.  By submerging yourself in rejuvenation and relaxation on the yoga mat for a week, you will reset your body, mind and soul.

Sometimes we bring along accomplished, inspirational surfers.  And sometimes we just surf.  If you are completely new to surfing, we are so excited to introduce you to a lifestyle we absolutely love. To make the most of your experience, we will organize surfing lessons with one of our favorite coaches at an additional cost.

Most of all, we want to have a good time.  We want to inspire. We want to help you achieve whatever it is you dream of doing. You don’t have to do it alone, Santosha Society is here to support you.

Surf yoga Sri Lanka
Yoga Surf Retreat Sri Lanka

By traveling the world, we see things differently, growing as human beings and building our own self confidence.
By playing in the saltwater, we allow our tensions and worries to wash away with the tides.
By healing our bodies, minds and souls with yoga and meditation, we become healthy and happy.

What is santosha?

Santosha {संतोष} the sanskrit word meaning “completely content, satisfied, accepting and comfortable.” The key to happiness is accepting things as they are. When one is content, one is happy. We believe contentment comes from living out our dreams.

Why are we a “society”?

We are a society of like-minded individuals brought together by fate to share our life experiences. We are surfers, nutritionists, healers, yogis, travelers, adventurers, artists and “dream” enthusiasts. Our trips are created using local surfer’s knowledge, world traveler’s experiences in collaboration with health conscious yogis, naturalists, and healers to create the best trips that are thoughtfully planned from experience. Join us and meet new friends that share the same stoke as you!

Although enhancing your life is enough for us, we truly believe in Karma Yoga. Karma yoga is selflessly giving back.  We donate 10% of our profits from each retreat to a local organization in the region we are traveling to.  Come experience a new part of the world with us, and leave knowing you have given something back to make it better.  By helping yourself, you are helping others.

We are not just a surf camp.
We are not just a yoga retreat.
We are a travel experience that will inspire, heal and rejuvenate.

Surf Yoga madiha Sri lanka
beach yoga surf sri lanka

We share a love for the ocean.
We share a love for healing, relaxing, and rejuvenating.
We share a love for exploration and adventure.
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
~Helen Keller~